County Republicans urge you to vote Yes on Issue 1 on August 8 election


By Rob Pollock, Chairman

Champaign County Republican Executive Committee

Recently, the Champaign County Republican Party Executive & Central Committees voted unanimously to endorse the Vote YES on Issue 1 on August 8.

It has become abundantly clear that the process to amend Ohio’s Constitution has been exploited as a mechanism to curtail the policymaking process in Columbus at the hands of out-of-state interests. This isn’t a partisan issue – Ohio Democrats introduced this exact same resolution in 2018 and have similar threshold requirements within their own party constitution. This is because a vast majority of Ohioans understand the importance for supporting Issue 1 – protecting the laws of our state from outside interests.

At the federal level, the Founding Fathers were wise to design a deliberate process that was meant to thwart frivolous and impulsive public policy. An excess of laws, amendments, and government in general is never a good thing. It is the reason why it takes a supermajority of Congress or a 75% ratification of states to amend the U.S. Constitution.

Aside from attempts to confuse and convolute, Issue 1 follows the same logic requiring any amendments to the Ohio Constitution to pass with a 60% supermajority – a threshold that is still well below what is required at the federal level. It is clear big money groups will not hesitate to use Ohio’s Constitution to achieve their radical agendas. Bail reform, recreational marijuana, full-term abortions, trangender hormone therapy consent – these are some of the policies that outside groups have plans to pursue.

Our state’s constitution is not a playground for liberal interests in California and New York, it is a document that should be carefully considered and safeguarded from trending social issues and impulse of the time. Join us in standing with the 2nd Amendment, law enforcement, and the pro-life community to Vote YES on August 8th for Issue 1.

Rob Pollock, Chairman

Champaign County Republican Executive Committee

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