A letter from CCRTL


As we combat abortion in our County, we see that 37 babies were killed in 2021 (latest figure). This was essentially two kindergarten sections missing from schools in our County. In 1971 the graduation class at Urbana High School was over 200 students. This year’s class was under 100 students.

Since there is great help for pregnant women available locally by Sycamore House Pregnancy and Family Life Center at 315 Sycamore St., Urbana, it is only a matter of getting the word out. Also, Champaign County Right to Life (122 Miami St., West Front, Urbana) is willing to help pregnant women in any way it can.

The largest group of women who go for abortions is in the 22-28 age range, and the next most numerous group is aged 18-22. About 70% of these women will live to regret their decision, especially if they know what happens to aborted babies. Many are thrown onto trash heaps.

No excuses can justify this death rate. The top 20% of these aborted would have shown great intellectual ability, and the next 60% would have made great citizens. However, aborting women apparently do not look to the future of their dead babies.

Our County has adequate food and shelter for all its citizens, and a call to Champaign County Right to Life (653-6745) or Sycamore House can be made in cases of urgent need or counseling.


David George & Members,CCRTL

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