Village residents share feedback on recent project


By Alixandria Wells-Good

Contributing writer

MECHANICSBURG – The Mechanicsburg Village Council gathered on Monday, June 3 for a regularly-scheduled meeting in the municipal building.

Village resident Trish Hall was present at the meeting to ask council about issues she has with the work that was recently done by the village on her sidewalk. Council stated that they have done walk-throughs of the village since the work has been done, and they are still working with the contractor on completing the project and updating issues that have arisen in several areas.

Resident Tom Keller was present at the meeting as well and shared that he has been pleased with the work that has been done around his property during the village’s recent project and wanted to thank council for seeking out grants and other actions to get the work done.

Village Administrator Roger Brake presented the administrator’s report. Brake stated that community yard sale weekend is June 7-8.

Brake brought to council a request to charge the residents in the route of the recent large water project the minimum amount for the last billing cycle. He stated that due to the water project, water meters being flushed, and other issues, some bills were abnormally high. Council agreed that the residents in the construction area should not be responsible for the extra water usage due to construction, so council approved the request.

Brake shared that the bridge on state Route 29 near Heritage Cooperative is now closed and is expected to be closed for 65 days.

Fiscal Officer Dan Eck was not present at the meeting. It was shared that he, along with the village’s solicitor Joe Jimenez, was at that time attending the Union Township monthly meeting in hopes of discussing the pending fire service contract between the township and the village.

Zoning officer Dusty Hurst stated that he has been getting calls from food truck owners questioning permits and other requirements to set up within the village. Currently, the village does not have a permit requirement for such vendors, and as long as they are abiding by parking laws and other rules within the village they are within their right to set up. Discussion was held regarding possible changes in this policy to address possible concerns with confirming a food truck is properly licensed and insured. Council decided to research the topic more and bring it back to the table at a later meeting.

Mechancisburg Police Chief David Patrick shared May’s citation list. He then asked council’s approval to “trade in credit to Vance’s Outdoors of forfeit firearms.” Council approval was unanimous.

Patrick went on to state that the department, along with Mayor Jason Adelsberger, had recently attended and completed updated taser training. He thanked the mayor for taking the time to learn about this tool the department can use. Adelsberger shared that “it was a shocking experience.” More seriously, he went on to state “I think the big thing was to be able to understand first-hand if you’re going to make decisions on something.”

The first reading of Resolution 24-05 was conducted. This resolution changes the dates of village employees’ vacation calendar from their hire date to Jan. 1.

The Village Council will meet next on Monday, June 17, at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building. Village council meetings are open to the public.

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