Donzil Hall event a sucesss


To all of you Graham graduates who were unable to attend the fundraising event for the Donzil Hall Scholarship Endowment Fund on Monday, Aug. 21, you missed a great evening of reminiscence and honor. Not only was Donzil and his wife, Nancy, able to attend, but multiple members of Graham’s state championship teams also came to offer their regards and homage to Donzil’s leadership.

Special guest speaker, Jim Jordan, former student athlete, practically glowed as he talked about his childhood years’ desire to be a great athlete someday. He named multiple favorite Graham teachers who instilled the learning and education he would need to be a successful adult and member of society. Jim expounded upon the lessons assimilated from Coach Hall and numerous coaches throughout the years.

Then the stories of Donzil’s life were shared. What a history and legacy! Donzil related stories all the way from his service to our country to today.

Thank you to the endowment committee and The Woodruff Farm venue. Lovely evening, fabulous travel down memory lane, so much honor, and the hugs from graduates I haven’t seen for an embarrassingly huge number of years!

Lynn (Wallace) White

Graham Class of 1970

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