Village outlines permitted fireworks dates


By Alixandria Wells-Good

Contributing writer

MECHANICSBURG – The Mechanicsburg Village Council met on Monday, June 19 at a regularly-scheduled meeting in the municipal building.

Council Member Chuck Foss stood in for Mayor Greg Kimball as the mayor was out of town.

Foss shared the Village Administrator report. He stated that the annual water report required by the EPA is in. The report is available online and is required to be sent to all residents, which will be done soon.

Fiscal Officer Dan Eck reported that the village has received the certification for the ballot amounts for the upcoming FIRE/EMS levy. Karen Bailey, Champaign County Auditor, was present at the meeting to answer any questions council or community members had.

Jason Adelsberger, council member, asked Bailey about the language used in the resolution, which states that the “type of levy is an additional levy proposed at 4 mills.” He stated that the village currently has a 4 mill fire levy, and a 2.5 mill equipment levy. He went on to state that the “intention of this is that this (new levy) replaces the original 4 mill levy, so that way we can update the valuations.”

Bailey clarified that the new levy does not replace the levy that is already in place. She stated that after the new levy passes, the village is responsible for notifying the budget commission that they no longer will be collecting on the previous levy for the remainder of it. This means that should the new levy pass, the old levy will still remain in effect and will technically be collectible. However, it was stated at the meeting that it is the intention of the village to only collect on the new 4 mill levy, not the existing one.

Mechanicsburg Police Department Chief David Patrick shared the monthly report on citations issued by the department. With the upcoming holiday, he also shared information on fireworks. Fireworks are permitted to be used during the hours of 4 to 11 p.m. on recognized holidays. For the Fourth of July holiday, additional days are permitted.

This year, fireworks for the Fourth of July are permitted on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before and after July 4. Fireworks are also permitted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that week (July 3, 4, 5). Patrick wanted to remind village residents to be mindful of the allotted times for fireworks, and to be safe while using them.

The third reading for Resolution 23-05 was conducted. This resolution is the acceptance of the North Central Solid Waste District plan. This resolution was voted on and passed.

The third reading for the 2024 tax budget was conducted and voted for passage.

The third reading for Ordinance 23-07 was conducted. This ordinance is for “necessity to levy a 4 mill tax in excess of 10 mill limitation for the purpose of FIRE/EMS.” This ordinance was voted on and passed.

The third reading for Ordinance 23-05 was conducted, which is for the purchase of property by the village from Goshen Township.

Eck then reminded the council that the Summer Celebration is coming up on July 8. There is a parade at 1 p.m., and many activities going on at the park and throughout town all day, concluding with fireworks at dark.

The Village Council will meet next on Monday, July 3, at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building.

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