Woman’s Tourist Club honors Rutan


MECHANICSBURG – The Woman’s Tourist Club of Mechanicsburg met at Goshen Memorial Park for the April meeting. Nominations for 2023 Empowered Woman Award were reviewed.

The 2023 Empowered Woman Award will be presented to Susan Rutan for her exceptional community service on May 22 at the Burnham Hall.

We will also be honoring our previous recipients – Jean Rutan; Ellen Spinner, MS, CNP; Cecilia (Ce) Greene; Sondra Chester; Mary Pauline Blazer, Elaine Riley, Stacey Logwood, Kay Miller, Pastor Mimi Ault, Kathy Durham, and Dr. Danielle Prohaska.

If you would like to attend to honor Susan, please call Pat McElroy for reservations 614-266-1510.


Pat McElroy represents The Woman’s Tourist Club of Mechanicsburg.

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