Guest Column: Spring is turkey hunting season


By Nicholas Oliver

Contributing columnist

Spring is here and so is turkey hunting. April 15-16 was the Youth Spring Turkey dates, and a total of 1,823 birds were harvested throughout Ohio. In Champaign County, a total of 10 birds were harvested. The Spring Turkey Season for the South zone of the state (Champaign County is in) runs from April 22 to May 21.

Spring also brings in baby animal season. Wildlife parents are devoted to their young and rarely abandon them. A young animal’s best chance of survival is with its mother. Usually, young wildlife observed alone are not orphaned or abandoned, but are waiting for a parent to return. Watch these young animals from a distance and avoid intervening without guidance from a wildlife professional. Most wildlife taken in by people other than trained and licensed wildlife rehabilitators do not survive despite the good intentions of their rescuers.

If you have any questions about turkey hunting or young wildlife please reach out to Nick Oliver- Champaign County Wildlife Officer: 937-206-9320.


Nick Oliver is Wildlife Officer – Champaign County/ODNR Division of Wildlife

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