Oversize semi truck leaves damage across downtown Monument area


Deep, dark ruts and lengthy mud tracks were left behind in the landscaping and roadway that surrounds the Man on the Monument after an incident on Monument Square in Urbana on Wednesday at approximately 6:39 p.m.

Urbana Police Division officers were dispatched to Monument Square in regards to damage caused to the landscaping area around the statue in the square.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a large amount of damage to the landscaped area. A description was provided by witnesses of an oversized-load semi truck responsible for the damage. A notice was sent out to surrounding counties in an attempt to locate the semi responsible for the damage.

At approximately 7:09 p.m., the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported to the UPD that a state trooper located the oversized load semi truck at the on-ramp of U.S. Route 36 to Interstate 75. An Urbana police officer responded to that location to interview the driver of the semi and to conduct follow-up investigation.

The Urbana Police Division took a crash report and issued a citation to the driver of the semi truck.

According to the UPD, semi trucks getting stuck on the square was once a common problem but has not happened since the square was reconfigured into a roundabout.

Oversized load trucks try to drive through downtown, and according to the UPD, many of the oversized load trucks are given specific permits/instructions from hauling companies ordering them to travel on certain roads so those drivers have no choice.

“It is our wish that these types of incidents wouldn’t happen as City of Urbana workers, in addition to many other individuals affiliated with making downtown Urbana beautiful, work hard to make Monument Square be a nice representation of Urbana,” said UPD Lieutenant Josh Jacobs. “However, when it does, we try to hold the party involved responsible for the damages.”

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