Urbana Police offer COP Card program


By Matt Lingrell

Chief, Urbana Police Division

Thanks to the effort of Sergeant Todd Pratt, the Urbana Police Division has new COP Cards that they are giving out for youngsters to enjoy collecting.

It’s been over 20 years since we last had a COP Card program and we are already seeing that this is a great way for officers to engage with area youth.

There are 28 cards in a set and they depict each officer on the front of the card and a Personal or Safety Message on the back. The sets include special cards including our 150th Anniversary Badge, our Memorial Marker to a legendary police sergeant, David “Bus” Hill, and a group photo of officers in front of the May 2022 “Field of Flags” located at Mercy Health – Urbana Hospital.

Officers are carrying their own cards and some of the special cards to hand out to kids collecting them. Beginning March 6, various cards are available for kids to collect from the Records Clerk Office, located at the Police Division inside of the Municipal Building.

Every couple of weeks different cards will be available from the Records Office. Kids are asked to not approach officers if it appears that they are handling a police incident, but are welcome to approach them when they see them out and about.

Info from Urbana Police Division

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