How to update Guide directory information


The Urbana Daily Citizen is currently compiling the 2023 Guide to Champaign County. Local governments and organizations are asked to email changes and updates [email protected] to ensure the information is current. The deadline to submit updates is January 31.

To view the 2022 directory listings, log on to and search for Guide to Champaign County.

Below is the local portion of the directory as currently recorded:


The annual Guide to Champaign County is a directory of selected service providers and non-profit organizations and government entities.

The Guide is intended to be a “welcome” publication for newcomers to Champaign County and a single source publication for the county’s established residents to refer to throughout the year.

Much of the Guide is updated each year by the Urbana Daily Citizen, which solicits new and updated information for listings with the goal of making them as accurate as possible.

Whether a newcomer or a longtime Champaign County resident, the Guide is meant to provide a concise source of listings and useful information. It’s the only “Guide to Champaign County”!


Champaign County Community 911 Center

Non-emergency phone number: 937-653-3409

Emergency phone number: 911

Champaign County Auditor

Karen Bailey

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite B300, Urbana 43078


Services are: county fiscal officer, dog licenses, property tax reductions/calculations/valuations, county payroll officer

Champaign County Board of Elections

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite L100, Urbana 43078


E-mail: [email protected]

Director: Meredith Bodey

Deputy Director: Chris Creamer

Board Members: Lynn R. Mintchell, Michael L. Terry, Steve A. Moore, Karen F. Ward (chairperson)

Champaign County Building Regulations

Director: Dana Booghier

Office administrator: Phyllis Rittenhouse

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Bay 13, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Clerk of Courts

Penny Underwood

200 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Commissioners

Steven R. Hess 937-484-1611

Nino Vitale

Timothy D. Cassady 937-484-1611

Clerk-Administrator: Andrea Millice

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite A100, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Common Pleas Court

Judge: Nick A. Selvaggio

200 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


-Adult Probation Office 937-484-1012

-Champaign County Domestic Relations-Juvenile-Probate Division

Judges: Lori Reisinger and Brett Gilbert

200 N. Main St., Urbana 43078

Juvenile Division 937-484-1027

Juvenile Probation Office 937-484-1029

Probate Division 937-484-1028

Marriage License Information 937-484-1045

Champaign County Coroner

Joshua F. Richards, M.D.

848 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Emergency Management Agency

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite C103, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Engineer

Stephen McCall

428 Beech St., Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-653-3172

Champaign County Health District

Health Commissioner Gabe Jones

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite Q100, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Municipal Court

Judge Gil S. Weithman

205 S. Main St.,Urbana 43078


Champaign County Ohio State Extension Office

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite B100, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Prosecutor

Kevin S. Talebi

200 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Assistant Prosecutors: Jane Napier, Benjamin Hoskinson, Sean P. Martin, Samantha B. Whetherholt

Victim Advocate/Victim Witness Division: Susan Lantz, Alisa Wilson

Administrative Assistant: Amanda McCall

Champaign County Recorder

Glenda Bayman

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite B200, Urbana 43078


Champaign/Shelby County Office of North Central Ohio Solid Waste District

Program Coordinator Susan Helterbran

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite G104, Urbana 43078


E-mail: [email protected]

Champaign County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Matthew Melvin

-Court Services

214 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


-Administration/Records/Detectives/Road Patrol offices

308 Miami St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Title Department

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Bay 11, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Treasurer

Robin K. Edwards

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite B400, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Veterans Services

CVSO Buzzy Moore

220 E. Court St., Urbana 43078


Champaign Soil and Water Conservation District

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite E100, Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-484-1509

Champaign County USDA Service Center

Farm Service Agency

Natural Resources Conservation Service

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite D100, Urbana 43078


Champaign Transit System

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite K100, Urbana 43078




Village Municipal Building

115 W. Second St., Christiansburg 45389


Mayor Delbert Davis

Fiscal Officer Theresa Lewis 937-857-9559


Charles Fay 937-857-9484

Sheila K. Slone (no phone number provided)

William Coffey 937-857-9659

Nathan L. Morris 937-308-5788

Melissa Mitchell 937-857-9493

Kurt R. Garver 937-857-9286

•Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the municipal building (call if planning to attend).

Christiansburg Fire Company

P.O. Box 300, Christiansburg 45389

Fire Chief Robert Hoey 937-857-9027

EMS: 937-857-9027

Post Office: 6 E. First St., 45387



18 N. Main St.

Mechanicsburg 43044


FAX: 937-834-3713

Mayor Greg Kimball 937-834-3187 #2

Village Administrator April Huggins-Davis 937-834-3187 #3

Fiscal Officer Daniel Eck 937-834-3187, 937-834-3972 #4


Lori Tibbals

Charles ‘Chip’ Wibright

Jason Adelsberger

Wendell Scott Wilson

Chuck Foss

Charles Hickey

•Meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building

Fire Chief Bob Keene 937-834-3187 #8

EMS Chief Steve Castle 937-834-3187 #8

Police Chief John Alexander 937-834-3187 #7

Utility Department 937-834-3187; after hours emergency 937-834-3187 #7

Street Department: Call Huggins-Davis 937-834-3187; after hours emergency call 937-834-3187 #7

Post Office: 40 S. Main St., 43044



Mayor William H. Brown 937-653-6559

Fiscal Officer Judith A Russell 937-653-5001


Vicki Brown 937-652-1614

Michael Bodey 653-8401

Justin Fraley

Jerry Tobias 834-2341

Zach Stradling

•Meets every 3rd Monday of the month in January, July and December at 7 p.m. at Brown & Brown CPA’s.

North Lewisburg

60 E. Maple St., P.O. Box 243, North Lewisburg 43060


FAX: 937-747-2122

Mayor Cheryl J. Hollingsworth 937-747-2240

Fiscal Officer Jennifer Mc Combs 937-597-3529


Ted W. Murphy Jr. 937-747-3622

Matthew L. Warner 937-747-3532

Gwen Beech 937-747-3272

Jennifer Ohashi 937-206-0392

Robin Street 678-481-4214

John Collier 937-243-6739

•Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building

Police Chief Scott Bodey 937-747-3645

Non-emergency number for dispatch is 937-653-3409

Northeast Champaign County Fire District

60 E. Maple St., North Lewisburg 43060

Chief Derek Hess 937-747-2345

Water/Sewer Supervisor Trevor Clark 937-747-3645

Street Supervisor Bart Stokes 937-747-2200

Utility Clerk Jennifer McCombs 937-747-3645

Post Office: 24 E. Maple St., 43060


St. Paris

135 W. Main St., P.O. Box 572, St. Paris 43072


FAX: 937-663-0350

Mayor Brenda Cook

[email protected]

Village Administrator Spencer Mitchell 937-663-4329; [email protected]

Fiscal Officer Marc McGuire 937-663-4329; [email protected]


Lynn Miller

Sam Ronicker

Susan Prince

Terry W. Ervin II

Joe Curran

Randy Smith

•Meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the municipal building

JSP Fire District, 403 W. Main St.; Interim Chief Ben Pence Sr., 937-663-4955

EMS: 937-663-4955

Police, 135 W. Main St.

Police Chief Eric Smith


Post Office: 131 E. Main St. 43072


Street Department – Jim Copes and Jack McGill

Water & Sewer Superintendent Ben Shuman, [email protected]; Chris Schaeffer, operator in training

Fiscal/Utility Clerk Gina Verlaney, [email protected]


205 S. Main St., Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-652-4306

Mayor Bill Bean 937-652-4303

Council Clerk Roger Steffan

Director of Administration Kerry Brugger 937-652-4302

City Council: Marty Hess, president 937-508-8679

Council-at-large: Patrick Thackery 937-408-3459

Council-at-large: Audra Bean 937-653-6376

Council-at-large: Mary Collier 937-896-7208

First Ward: Amy Jumper

Second Ward: Cledis Scott 937-545-9509

Third Ward: Dwight Paul 937-207-8736

Fourth Ward: Winner of May, 2022 election

•Meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the municipal building

Fire Chief Dean Ortlieb 937-652-4375

Police Chief Matt Lingrell 937-652-4364

Utility Department: 937-652-4315

Income Tax Department: 937-652-4314

Water Department: 937-652-4335

Post Office: 204 S. Main St., 43078


West Liberty

201 N. Detroit St., Box 187

West Liberty 43357


Clerk/Treasurer Cindee M. Boyd [email protected]

Mayor Jill McKelvey [email protected]


President of Council Jayne Griffith [email protected]

Patty Kauffman [email protected]

Jim Hoffman [email protected]

Jeanette Zerkle [email protected]

Trent Spriggs [email protected]

Joanna Hostetler [email protected]

•Meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the municipal building

Code Enforcement Officer Scott Woodruff 937-441-6826: [email protected]

Fire Chief Darin Leach 937-465-3989

Police Chief Shane Oelker 937-465-2801

Post Office: 116 E. Baird St., 43357



101 N. Main St.

Woodstock 43084


FAX: 937-826-4013

Mayor Jackie Hayes 937-826-3744

Village Administrator Bradley G. Herron 937-826-3024

Fiscal Officer Tom Hallinan 937-644-9139


Phil Garland

James Weidner

Thomas Belcher

Paul Zizzo

Melinda Current

Rochelle Morgan

•Meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building

Post Office: 111 Burnwell St., 43084



Adams Township

Fiscal Officer Mary Jo Kies 937-362-2077

Trustees: Kevin Mitch Pence 937-362-2676

James Paul Pullins 937-362-2665

Steve Cook 937-362-4209

Concord Township

Fiscal Officer Marc McGuire

Trustees: Pat Wagner 937-652-3287

Brent Crumley 937-663-5525

Jeffrey R. Kizer 937-362-2544

Goshen Township

Fiscal Officer Chris Foss 937-834-3201

Trustees: Keith Rutan 937-834-2994

Ted Black 937-215-7930

Charles Steven Cooper 937-834-2335

Harrison Township

Fiscal Officer Patricia A. Brehm 937-465-9621

Trustees: Stephen W. Harris 937-362-4725

David Darin Fairchild

Terry Stapleton

Jackson Township

Fiscal Officer Sally Jo Lacy

Trustees: Herb Luttrell 937-857-0289

Steve Runkle 937-663-5539

David C. Jenkins 937-663-5128

Johnson Township

Fiscal Officer Nicolette Sarver 937-663-5292

Trustees: Dennis Kauffman 937-663-4268

Jack L. Purk 937-663-4045

Jason Hoelscher 937-869-8040

Mad River Township

Township Hall

2773 Vance Road, St. Paris 43072


Fiscal Officer Richard Ford 937-788-2183 or 937-215-7660

Trustees: Brent A. Laughman 937-605-8628 or 937-788-2529; [email protected]

David M. Riley 937-788-2185 or 937-215-7696; [email protected]

Daniel C. Blake 937-726-4278; [email protected]

Zoning Inspector Greg McGlaun, 937-631-5309, [email protected]

Rush Township

Fiscal Officer Kathleen Packman 937-747-3892

Trustees: Stephen (Andy) Heath 937-539-0279

Cinda K. Bailey 937-747-2480

Ed Funderburgh 937-826-5731

Zoning Inspector Brad Herron 937-243-5688

Salem Township

Fiscal Office: Jeanie Crabtree 937-652-3030

Trustees: Levi Woodruff

Nick Smith 937-653-3328

Thomas K. Smith 937-465-3232

Union Township

Fiscal Officer Rhonda Wallace 937-591-1985

Trustees: James P. Virts 937-834-2213

Charles L. Dooley 937-828-1281

Ron Williams 937-834-2654

Urbana Township

Township Office: 937-484-4148

Fiscal Officer Sandi Perry

Trustees: Roger Koerner 937-484-5359

Blair Stinson 937-925-1531

Paul L. Wright 937-484-4793

Wayne Township

Fiscal Officer Susan Helterbran 937-653-6733

Trustees: Max Perry 937-652-1092

Doug Doty 937-653-7894

Glenn S. Gregg 937-652-1400


Graham Local Schools

-Graham Elementary

9464 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072


FAX: 663-0257

Principal Lynnette Roeth

Assistant Principal Emily Shreve

-Graham Middle School

9644 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072


FAX: 937-663-4674

Principal Nick Guidera

Assistant Principal Gregg Johnson

-Graham High School

7800 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072


FAX: 937-663-0396

Principal Bill Overla

[email protected]

Assistant Principal Craig Vasil

-Graham Transportation and Maintenance Office

9915 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072


-Board of Education

7790 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072


FAX: 937-663-4670


Superintendent Brad Silvus

[email protected]

937-663-4123, ext. 2607

Treasurer Kristie Purtee

Board Members:

Toni Kite

[email protected]

David Uhl

[email protected]

Karyl Strader

[email protected]

Leslie Maurice

[email protected]

Robert Welker

[email protected]

*Meets at 6 p.m. every 3rd Monday of the month in the Graham High School media center

Mac-A-Cheek Learning Center

1130 W. Sandusky Ave., Bellefontaine 43311


FAX: 937-292-7035

Principal Mary Mitchell

Madison-Champaign Educational Service Center

2200 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-652-2221

Superintendent Dr. Dan Kaffenbarger, ext. 101

Treasurer Matthew Ketcham

Board Members:

Chuck Buck


7922 Hite Road, West Liberty, 43357

Jeff Allen Burroughs

P.O. Box 168, St. Paris 43072


Sharie Shoaf

720 Crawford Road, London 43140


Kim Crumley

5950 Neil Road, London 43140

Karen Fowler

2610 Brand Road, Cable 43009

*Meets every 3rd Monday of the month at 6 p.m., alternating between London City Schools board office in London Elementary and the ESC office in Urbana.

Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools

-Dohron Wilson Elementary

60 High St., Mechanicsburg 43044

937-834-2453, ext. 1600

Principal Christy Garver

-Mechanicsburg Middle School

60 High St., Mechanicsburg 43044

937-834-2453, ext. 1200

Principal Marlo Schipfer

-Mechanicsburg High School

60 High St., Mechanicsburg 43044

937-834-2453, ext. 1501

Principal Jason Shultz

-Central Office

60 High St., Mechanicsburg 43044

937-834-2453, ext. 1400

FAX: 937-834-3954

Superintendent Dr. Danielle Prohaska

Treasurer Scott Maruniak


Board Members:

Scott DeLong

[email protected]

Brian Forrest

[email protected]

Todd Boeck

[email protected]

Paul McMahill

[email protected]

Mary Reiser

[email protected]

*Meets in Room 109 at 6 p.m. the second Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center (JVS)

2280 state Route 540, Bellefontaine 43311


FAX: 937-599-2318


*Meets in high school conference room 102A at Ohio Hi-Point every 4th Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m., except November and December

Triad Local Schools

-Triad Elementary School

7920 Brush Lake Road, North Lewisburg 43060


FAX: 937-826-0111

Principal Lee Claypool

-Triad Middle School

7941 Brush Lake Road, North Lewisburg 43060


FAX: 937-826-1000

Principal Vinnie Spirko

-Triad High School

8099 Brush Lake Road, North Lewisburg 43060


FAX: 937-826-2002

Principal Doug Lowery

-Board of Education

7920 Brush Lake Road, North Lewisburg 43060


FAX: 937-826-3281

Superintendent Vickie Hoffman

Treasurer Connie Cohn


Board Members:

W. Chris Millice

[email protected]

Randy Moore

[email protected]

Matthew S. McConnell

[email protected]

Michael C. Perry

[email protected]

Kyle Huffman

[email protected]

*Meets at 7 p.m. the third Thursday of the month, rotating among schools and board office

Urbana City Schools

-Urbana Elementary

1673 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078


Principal Melanie Anders (grades K-2)

Principal Jill Weimer (grades 3-5)

Asst. Principal Matt Bushey

-Urbana Junior High

1673 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078


Principal Rob Walter

Asst. Principal Scott Wasserman

-Urbana High School

500A Washington Ave., Urbana 43078


FAX 937-653-1487

Principal Nathan Sever

Assistant Principal Tony Grigsby

-Board of Education

711 Wood St., Urbana 43078


Fax: 937-652-3845

Superintendent Charles Thiel

Treasurer Amanda Hildebrand 937-653-1404


Board Members:

Darrell Thomas

[email protected]

Amy Shaloo Paul

[email protected]

Jan D. Engle

[email protected]

Sarah J. Finch

[email protected]

James B. Arter

[email protected]

*Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the administration building, 711 Wood St.

Victory Christian School

960 Childrens Home Road, Urbana 43078


West Liberty-Salem Schools —

-Elementary School

7208 N. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357


Principal Aaron Hollar

-Middle School

7208 N. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357


Principal Andy McGill

-High School

7208 N. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357


Principal Greg Johnson

-Central Office

7208 N. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357


FAX: 937-465-1095

Superintendent Kraig Hissong

Treasurer Chelsea Baldwin

Board Members:

Doug Williams

[email protected]

Patrick Adams

[email protected]

Ryan Cole

[email protected]

Amy Pratt

[email protected]

Tim Lamb

[email protected]

*Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the middle school/high school media center


Cardinal Corner Child Care Center

124 E. Maple St., North Lewisburg 43060


Director Debbie Woodruff

Center for Creative Child Care

238 N. Main St., Urbana 43078



Director Jody Rooney

Champaign Family YMCA

P.O. Box 35, 191 Community Drive, Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-652-1902

Exec. Director/CEO Paul Waldsmith

Champaign Family YMCA at Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship Church

4401 Allison Road, Mechanicsburg 43044


Contact: Sonya Stonerock

ESC Preschool

2200 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078


Director Cathy Pappas

Green Hills Child Center

6557 S. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357

937-465-7015 or 937-650-7113

Kids Learning Place

1150 Scioto St., Suite 300, Urbana 43078


Infant through Preschool

Education/Child Care Programs – Includes Head Start

Web Info:

Enrollment Info: 866-627-4557

Job and Family Services Childcare Assistance

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite N100, Urbana 43078


Little Strength Christian Center

4194 W. U.S. Route 36, Westville 43083


Director Jodi Fisher

Theresa’s Gingerbread House Child Care Center

1202 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Owner Heather Chamberlain

Administrator Andrea Laing

Theresa’s Gingerbread House II Child Care Center

62 Oakland Ave., Mechanicsburg 43044


Owner Heather Chamberlain

Administrator Jamee Fraley

Theresa’s Gingerbread House III Child Care Center

501 W. Baird St., West Liberty 43357


Owner Heather Chamberlain

Administrator Tonya Rutan


Champaign County Library

1060 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


Director Ty Henderson

[email protected]


Mechanicsburg Public Library

60 S. Main St., Mechanicsburg 43044


FAX: 937-834-3396

Director Rebecca Wilden

North Lewisburg Branch of Champaign County Library

161 Winder St., North Lewisburg 43060


St. Paris Public Library

127 E. Main St., St. Paris 43072


Director Nicole Baker

[email protected]

Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday

West Liberty Library

117 N. Detroit St., West Liberty 43357



Auto Racing

-Shady Bowl Speedway

9872 Flowing Well Road

DeGraff 43318

937-585-9456 Track Phone

On Facebook and

[email protected]


-Coral Lanes

357 W. Main St., St. Paris 43072


-Goshen Lanes

10579 N. state Route 4, Mechanicsburg 43044


-Southwest Bowl

826 Scioto St., Urbana 43078



-Kiser Lake State Park

4889 N. state Route 235, P.O. Box 55, Conover 45317

937-362-3565 (campground)

866-644-6727 (reservations)


-Birch Bark Canoe Livery

1455 River Road, Urbana


-Kiser Lake State Park

4889 N. state Route 235, Conover



-Concord Cloverleaf Squares

3263 N. state Route 560, Urbana 43078


Dances every first weekend of the month, alternating Friday and Saturday

Disc Golf

-Melvin Miller Park

731 Childrens Home Road, Urbana

Dog Park

-Fido’s Field

Melvin Miller Park

731 Childrens Home Road, Urbana


-Lakeland Golf Course

1772 Kiser Lake Road, St. Paris 43072


-Urbana Country Club

4761 E. U.S. Route 36, Urbana 43078


-Woodland Golf Club

4900 Swisher Road, Cable 43009



-Champaign Aviation Museum

Grimes Field Airport

1652 N. Main St., Urbana 43078

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday the day after

Closed Dec. 24 and Christmas Day


-Champaign County Historical Museum

809 East Lawn Ave., P.O. Box 65, Urbana 43078

Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday

10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday

and groups by appointment


Email: [email protected]

Director Cheryl Ogden

Curator Charles R. Virts

-Grimes Flying Lab Museum

Grimes Field Airport

1636 N. Main St., Urbana 4307


Open April thru October and by apptment.

-Pony Wagon Historical Museum

510 Washington, St. Paris

Nature Preserves

-Cedar Bog

980 Woodburn Road, Urbana 43078

937-484-3744; 800-860-0147

-Davey Woods Nature Preserve

7661 Lonesome Road, St. Paris 43072


-Kiser Lake Wetlands

Within Kiser Lake State Park, north end of Kiser Lake Road

-Siegenthaler-Kaestner Esker State Nature Preserve

5505 W. Couchman Road, West Liberty 43357


-Mad River Mountain Resort

1000 Snow Valley Road, Zanesfield 43360



-Champaign Family YMCA (indoor pool)

Community Drive, Urbana 43078


-Kiser Lake State Park

4889 N. state Route 235, P.O. Box 55, Conover 45317


-Urbana City Pool

Melvin Miller Park (outdoor pool)

731 Childrens Home Road, Urbana


-Melvin Miller Park

731 Childrens Home Road, Urbana


-Gloria Theatre

216 S. Main St., Urbana 43078



-Simon Kenton Trail

Home-based at The Depot Coffee House, 644 Miami St., Urbana

Multi-use trail for cycling, walking, jogging north to Bellefontaine and south to Springfield.

Maintained by the Simon Kenton Pathfinders

-Melvin Miller Park

(paved path circles main part of park)

731 Childrens Home Road, Urbana

Other Fun Activities

-Ohio Caverns

2210 E. state Route 245, West Liberty 43357



-Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek

10051 Road 47, West Liberty 43357

937-465-2821; 937-844-3480


Champaign County Farmers Market

Corner of Market and Locust streets

behind Urbana municipal building

Saturdays, May through October, 9 a.m.-noon

Mechanicsburg Farmers Market

Park next to the fire station in downtown Mechanicsburg

Tuesdays, June through Labor Day, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

St. Paris Farmers Market

135 W. Main St., in front of municipal building


First Friday in May to second Friday in October, 3-6 p.m.

Champaign County Virtual Farmers Market

visit all year

Orders placed 8 p.m. Thursdays-8 p.m. Tuesdays

Order pickups 4:30-6 p.m. Thursdays at 1645 state Route 54, Urbana

(Site of Oakview Farm)

Market Manager Pamela Bowshier, [email protected]


Cherry Arbors

125 Cherry St., North Lewisburg 43060


Service Coordinator Barbara Rose

Green Hills Community

6557 S. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357


Hearth and Home

1579 E. state Route 29, Urbana 43078


Lawnwood Commons

384 W. Main St., St. Paris 43072


Mechanicsburg Village Apartments

41 Walnut St., Mechanicsburg 43044


Mercy McAuley Center

906 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


Messiah Community

848 E. Court St., Urbana 43078


Rotary Manor

125 E. Ward St., Urbana 43078


South Urbana Retirement Community

339 Lewis B. Moore Drive, Urbana 43078


Spring Meadows Care Center

1649 Park Road, Woodstock 43084


Urbana Health & Rehab

741 E. Water St., Urbana 43078


Urbana Place

609 E. Water St., Urbana 43078


Urbana Village Apartments

1060 S. High St., Urbana 43078


Vancrest of Urbana

2380 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078



Mary Rutan Hospital Providers

-Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy & Sports Medicine

211 Lippencott Lane, Urbana 43078


*Physical Therapy

*Feeding, Swallowing & Voice Therapy

*Sports Medicine, Training & Enhancement

*Occupational Therapy

*Speech & Language Therapy

-Mary Rutan Hospital Urbana Clinic

1880 E. U.S. Route 36, Urbana 43078


*Obstetrics & Gynecology

*General Surgery


*Family Practice


*Ear, Nose & Throat

*Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

*Nutritional Counseling

*Behavioral Health

Memorial Health Providers

Memorial Urbana Medical Center

1958 E US Hwy 36, Urbana

-Memorial Primary Care │ Urbana


Family medicine/internal medicine/pediatrics practice – John Crankshaw, MD; Joseph Metz, MD; Madelyn Bartsch, PA-C; Rochelle Clark-Pulfer, PA-C; and Danielle Smith, PA-C.

-Memorial Specialty Care Practices │ Urbana


Specialty Practitioners:

*Katherine Kelly, MD – General & Colorectal Surgery

*Michael Jordan, DO – Urology

*Amish Patel, DO – Pain Solutions

*Charlene Shuler, CNP – Pain Solutions

*Mark Stover, DO – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

*Ryan Hunt, DO –Sports Medicine, including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

*Benjamin Bush, MD – Ear, Nose, & Throat

*Robert Rupert, MD – Oncology & Hematology

*Jenna Hoffman, CNP – Oncology & Hematology

-Memorial Occupational Health


*Occupational Health & Employee Health Services – David Tanner, DO, Medical Director

-Full-Family Urgent Care


9 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon-Fri

9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat-Sun

-X-ray Imaging – 3D Mammography now available




-Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine


*Athletic Performance Training

*Concussion Management and Treatment

*Dry Needling Therapy

*Hand and Upper Extremity Therapies

*Speech Therapies

*Sports Medicine for injury evaluation and treatment

*Vestibular and Balance Therapy

*Women’s Physical Therapy

-Memorial Urbana Urgent Care

1958 E US Hwy 36, Urbana


9 a.m.-9 p.m. Mon-Fri

9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sat-Sun

Mercy Health Providers

-Mercy Health — Clark and Champaign Counties Psychology

204 Patrick Ave., Urbana 43078 —- 937-484-6157

-Mercy Health — McAuley Senior Living

906 Scioto St., Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-5432

-Mercy Health — Senior Behavioral Health Unit

904 Scioto St., Urbana 43078

-Mercy Health — Urbana Family Medicine and Pediatrics

204 Patrick Ave., Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-3445

-Mercy Health — Urbana General and Robotic Surgery

900 Scioto St., Suite 6, Urbana 43078 —- 937-717-4884

-Mercy Health — Urbana Heart House

900 E. Court St., Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-8897

-Mercy Health — Urbana Hospital

904 Scioto St., Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-5231

-Mercy Health — Urbana Hospital Sleep Center

904 Scioto St. Urbana/2nd floor 937-390-5511

-Mercy Health — Urbana Internal Medicine/Walk-In Clinic

900 Scioto St., Suite 4, Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-4666

-Mercy Health — Urbana Occupational Health

900 Scioto St., Suite 4 Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-6618

-Mercy Health — Urbana Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

900 Scioto St., Suite 1, Urbana 43078 —- 937-523-9850

-Mercy Health — Urbana REACH Services

904 Scioto St., Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-3001

-Mercy Health — Urbana Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (includes Pediatric Rehab Services)

1450 E. U.S. Highway 36, Urbana 43078 —- 937-653-7333

-Mercy Health — Urbana Wound Care Center

1430 E. U.S. Highway 36 B, Urbana 43078 —- 937-652-4969

Mercy Health- St Paris Family Medicine

114 S Springfield St., St. Paris, Ohio 43072 —- 937-523-9816

Mercy Health- Pulmonology

900 Scioto St., Suite 4, Urbana, Ohio 43078 —- 937-399-3233

Other Medical Providers

-Family Practice

*Dr. Joshua F. Richards

848 Scioto St., Urbana 43078



*Abundant Life Chiropractic

Dr. Mike Decker

801 Miami St., Urbana


*Champaign Chiropractic Center

Dr. Laurie Stickney

306 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


*Donay Life and Wellness Center

1598 E. U.S. Route 36, Urbana 43078


*Liberty Chiropractic

128 N. Detroit St., P.O. Box 752, West Liberty 43357


FAX: 937-465-2505

*Anthony G. Schneider, D.C.

203 Park Ave., Urbana 43078


*Sertell Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Jennifer Sertell

848 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


*West Liberty Healing Arts

5071 S. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357



*Cornerstone Care Counseling Center, LLC

Kim L. Stokes-Williams MSW, LISW-S

120 E. Townsend St., North Lewisburg 43060


*Fowler Counseling & Consultation Services, LLC

Karen Allen Fowler, LPCC-S

40 Monument Square, Suite 301, Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-653-8312


1 Monument Square, Urbana 43078


Director: Richele Shepard


Bauer & Beck

848 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


*Dr. Annette M. Bauer

*Dr. Justin T. Beck DDS

*Dr. Megan Taylor

*Champaign Dental Group Inc.

139 Patrick Ave., Urbana 43078


*Darby Dental Smiles

Dr. Jessica Kile, Dr. Marta Lovell

18 S. Main St., Mechanicsburg 43044


*Urbana Dental Smiles

Dr. Jessica Kile, Dr. Marta Lovell

1052 S. Main St., Urbana 43078


*Family Dentistry

1866 E. U.S. Route 36, Urbana 43078


*West Liberty Dental

Dr. William C. Anderson

113 S. Detroit St., West Liberty 43357


*Wier Dentistry

Dr. Shockley Wier

114 S. Springfield St., P.O. Box 622, St. Paris 43072


*Dr. Mack Wright

1028 E. U.S. Route 36, Urbana 43078



*Universal Home Health & Hospice

107 N. Main St. Urbana, 43078



*Ellen Spinner, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Madison Health

15 N. Main St., Mechanicsburg 43044


-Eye Physicians

*Associates in Optometry

Dr. James D. Grove

303 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


*Dr. Cindy Francis Ahern

128 Miami St., Urbana 43078


*Greater Ohio Eye Surgeons

Dr. Gary J. Lau, Dr. Larry Fish, Dr. Scott Storck & Dr. Rebecca Chait

900 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


*Professional Vision Services

888 E. Court St., Urbana 43078



*Advanced Nephrology & Hypertension

Dr. Sanju Varghese

1430 E. U.S. Hwy. 36, Urbana 43078

*Dr. Ahsan Ullah

900 Scioto St., Suite 11, Urbana, 43078


FAX: 9373224047


*Buckeye Foot and Ankle

Dr. Susan Yu

970 E. U.S. Route 36, Suite B, Urbana 43078



Community Veterinary Clinic

9509 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072


Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday; 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. Closed Saturday to Monday, and Thursday.

Johnson Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Grant Johnson, Dr. Otho Galen Johnson

4430 Corbett Road, North Lewisburg 43060


The Pet Clinic

1053 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Urbana Veterinary Clinic

985 Norwood Ave., Urbana 43078


Wingfield Animal Clinic

Dr. Charles S. Wingfield

371 N. Dugan Road, Urbana 43078



Barely Used Pets

844 Jackson Hill Road, Urbana


11 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays; 11 a.m. -5 p.m. Fridays; and 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays

Champaign County Animal Welfare League

3858 state Route 56, just east of Mutual


His Hands Extended Sanctuary

1560 Dialton Road, St. Paris


[email protected]

PAWS Animal Shelter

1535 W. U.S. Route 36, Urbana 43078, just west of Urbana


[email protected]

Open noon-5 p.m. Tuesdays-Fridays; noon-4 p.m. Saturdays

SASS Rescue

Save A Shelter Shih Tzu

937-303-SASS (7277)

[email protected]


Atkins-Shively Funeral Home

216 S. Springfield St., P.O. Box 760, St. Paris 43072


Daring & Sanford Funeral Home

210 W. Hayes St., DeGraff 43318


Freshwater-McDonald-Vernon Funeral Home

57 W. Maple St., North Lewisburg 43060


Jennings Farley & Seeley Memorial Home

5591 S. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty 43357


Eichholtz Daring & Sanford Funeral Home

101 Zanesfield Road, West Liberty 43357


Skillman-McDonald and Vernon Funeral Home

257 W. Main St., Mechanicsburg 43044


Suber-Shively Funeral Home

201 W. Main St., P.O. Box 307, Fletcher 45326


Vernon Funeral Home

235 Miami St., Urbana 43078


Walter & Lewis Funeral and Cremation Services

642 S. Main St., Urbana 43078


The Cremation Center by Vernon

91 N. Ludlow Road

Urbana Ohio 43078

Monument services


91 N. Ludlow Road

Urbana Ohio 43078



Oak Dale, Urbana

Grandview, Urbana

Evergreen, St. Paris

Rosedale, Rosewood

Spring Grove, St. Paris

Maple Grove, Mechanicsburg

Fairview, Mutual

Maple Grove, North Lewisburg

Honey Creek, Christiansburg

Woodstock, Woodstock


Cobblestone Hotel and Suites

170 state Route 55, Urbana


Scioto Inn

205 Scioto St., Urbana



Alcoholics Anonymous

Meetings held at several Champaign County churches

Alzheimer’s Association Miami Valley Chapter

31 W. Whipp Road, Dayton 45459


800-272-3900 helpline available 24/7

Offering education, information and assistance to people in the early stages of dementia and to family caregivers throughout the course of the disease process. Some respite funding available for people in Champaign County. Home visits and family meetings through the Family Assistance program available. Visit for more info.

American Cancer Society

888-227-6446, Champaign County Advisory Board

American Lung Association of Ohio


American Red Cross Northern Miami Valley Ohio Chapter

Serving Champaign, Clark, Darke, Logan, Miami and Shelby counties

Suite 6, 130 Martz St., Greenville 45331


Bridges Community Action Partnership

Champaign County Office

1679 E. state Route 29, Urbana


FAX: 937-772-9164

Cancer Association of Champaign County

P.O. Box 38125, Urbana 43078

An Affiliate Member of United Way

Caring Kitchen

300 Miami St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Board of Developmental Disabilities

224 Patrick Ave., P.O. Box 829, Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-653-7516


Champaign County Family and Children First Council

Located in Education Service Center

2200 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078


Champaign County Job and Family Services

Children Services

Child Support

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite N100, Urbana 43078


Champaign Residential Services Inc.

MR/DD Support Services

A provider of developmental disability services since 1976

1150 Scioto St., Suite 100, Urbana 43078


FAX: 937-653-1321

E-mail: [email protected]

Champaign Transit System

Suite K100

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana 43078


Hours: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. weekdays

Council on Rural Services

201 R.M. Davis Parkway, Suite B, Piqua 45356


A social service agency facilitating early childhood education and care programs in nine counties including Champaign. Includes Kids Learning Place and Head Start. and

E-mail: [email protected]

Mental Health/Drug/Alcohol Service Board of Champaign and Logan Counties

1521 N. Detroit St., P.O. Box 765, West Liberty 43357


FAX: 937-465-3914

24-hour Crisis Hotline: 800-224-0422

Executive Director Tammy Nicholl

Drug Free Youth Coalition

Coalition Coordinator Stacey Logwood, 937-465-1045, ext. 124

[email protected]

Ohio Means Jobs

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Bay 14, Urbana 43078


Hours: Tuesday 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Planned Parenthood

(Southwest Ohio Region)

1061 N. Bechtle Ave., Springfield 45502


Recovery Zone

827 Scioto St., Urbana 43078


Visit Recovery Zone Champaign County on Facebook

Peer center for people in mental health and addiction recovery

Sycamore House Pregnancy and Family Life Center

315 Sycamore St., P.O. Box 775, Urbana 43078


E-mail: [email protected]

United Way of Clark, Champaign and Madison Counties

Information and Referral Services



A.B. Graham Memorial Center

A 501(c)3 non-profit Fitness, Community, Performing Arts Center & Museum

8025 E. U.S. Route 36, Conover 45317


Amateur Radio Emergency Services

Champaign County ARES

Coordinator Dave Youtz

WB8UCD 937-362-4131

Secretary Patti Martin 937-652-2423

American Legion

Pearce-Kerns Post 120

414 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Donald Cannon Post 238

Commander Dave Baker 937-408-4656

24 Locust St., Mechanicsburg, 43044

Boy Scouts of America

Tecumseh Council

326 S. Thompson Ave., Springfield 45506


District Chairman Steve Molton

Business and Professional Women’s Association

President Priscilla Dixon 937-653-8680

Cause-Driven-Toastmasters Club

President Gregory Hower 937-475-2978

[email protected]

*Meets at noon on Friday at the Champaign Family YMCA

Cedar Bog Association

980 Woodburn Road, Urbana 43078



Champaign County Arts Council

119 Miami St., Urbana 43078


Executive Director Marcia Callicoat

Champaign County Cemeteries Restoration Project, LLC

Dr. Janet Ebert

209 E. Court St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

127 W. Court St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Club of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite

President Steve Moore

853 Terry Lane, Urbana 43078


Secretary/Treasurer Al Johnson

4373 Bump Road, Cable 43009


Champaign County Democratic Party

Chair Heather Tiefenthaler

Visit Facebook page

Champaign County Dulcimer Club

“Playing the Strings of Our Hearts”

Contact: Marg Fetz 937-653-3870

Champaign County Farm Bureau

Organization Director Taylor Pointsler

1554 McKaig Ave., Bldg. B, Troy 45373


[email protected]

Champaign County Fair Board

Secretary Meredith Bodey 937-653-2640

Wayne Cook, president

Max Perry, vice president

Email: [email protected]

Champaign County Garden Club

An affiliate of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs (

Contact: Debbie Graham 937-747-2474

Champaign County Historical Society Museum

809 East Lawn Ave., Urbana 43078


Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday

Champaign County Memorial Foundation

P.O. Box 866, Urbana 43078-0866


President William Miller 937-834-5120

Treasurer Linda Erwin 937-652-1855

Champaign County Pilots Association-Airport

1636 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Champaign County Preservation Alliance

P.O. Box 748, Urbana 43078

937-652-4108; 800-791-6010

Board Trustee Sandy Gonzalez 937-408-4195

Champaign County Republican Club

Champaign County Republican Party chairs

Rob Pollock for Executive Committee

Mike Terry for Central Committee

Champaign County Right to Life

122 Miami St., Urbana 43078


Contact: David George

E-mail: [email protected]

Champaign County Retired Teachers

President Linda Fullerton, 937-215-9281

Vice President Ruth Hunsberger

*Meets at 11 a.m. the second Tuesday of February, April, June, August, September October and December at Urbana Nazarene Church, 1999 E. state Route 29, Urbana.

Champaign County Shrine Club

President-elect Rob Butler

Champaign Cruisers Car Club

7601 W. U.S. Route 36, St. Paris 43072

President Walt Wolfkill 937-663-0733; 937-284-3928

Champaign Economic Partnership

3 Monument Square, Urbana 43078


Economic Development Director Richard Ebert

[email protected]; [email protected]

*CEP board meets at 8 a.m. the third Wednesday of the month.

Champaign Land Preservation

501(c)3 dedicated to holding permanent conservation easements on agricultural land and open spaces

Ardell Price 937-484-3785

Champaign Quilters Guild

President Marcia Switzer

1339 McGillivray Ave., Springfield 45503


Champaign Ministerial Association

Contact: Brian Wonn

P.O. Box 294, Urbana 43078


Concord Community Center

3263 N. state Route 560, Urbana 43078


Fraternal Order of Eagles

125 E. Court St., Urbana 43078


Free Survivors of Suicide Support Group


Friends of the St. Paris Library

President Jeff Burroughs

127 E. Main St., St. Paris, OH 43072


Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Dayton Service Center

450 Shoup Mill Road

Dayton, OH 45415


Girls in grades K-12 can join year-round to for fun, friendship, and new adventures.

Goshen Eagles #3974 Charities Association

2306 Eagle Road, Woodstock 43084


FAX: 937-834-2861

GrandWorks Foundation

Executive Director Staci Weller

P.O. Box 38128, Urbana 43078


Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County

(and Habitat ReStore)

955 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


President Rev. Ray Branstiter

Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesdays thru Fridays; 9 a.m-3 p.m. Saturdays

Knights of Columbus

518 N. Locust St., Urbana 43078


Market Street Community Garden

222 E. Market St., Urbana 43078

This organization has raised beds for gardening available for rent.

Partnered with the Champaign Family YMCA, the Community Improvement Corporation and the city of Urbana.

Masonic Lodge No. 113

10 N. Main St., Mechanicsburg 43044

Secretary Al Johnson


Masonic Temple and Harmony Lodge No. 8

222 N. Main St. Urbana 43078

Jamison Jones: 937-653-3431

Master Gardener Volunteers of Champaign County

Ohio State University Extension

1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Suite B-100, Urbana 43078


Mechanicsburg Lions Club

Midwestern Ohio Assn. of Realtors

1087 N. Market St., Troy 45373

Contact: Emily MacKendrick

937-652-HOME; 888-886-8267

Moose Lodge

632 Mosgrove St., Urbana 43078


Monument Square District Inc./Urbana

[email protected]

Pony Wagon Days

President Dan Weinert

P.O. Box 553

St. Paris, Ohio 43072

Simon Kenton Pathfinders

P.O. Box 91, Urbana 43078


[email protected]

President Jim Cook

Not-for-profit organization maintains Simon Kenton Trail bike path and raises funds for maintenance and expansion of the trail

Soroptimist International of Urbana, Ohio

President Kay Schenkel 937-653-3811

Membership: Cheryl Walter 653-3260

St. Paris Lions Club

United Way of Clark, Champaign & Madison Counties

107 N. Main St., Urbana 43078


Urbana/Champaign County Senior Center

150 Patrick Avenue, Urbana, 43078


Director Stacy Barnhart

Urbana Chapter Order of the Eastern Star (OES)

222 N. Main St. Urbana 43078

(merged with Caroline Chapter, Mechanicsburg)

Secretary Jeanette Roberts 937-828-1272

Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Kim Snyder, Regent

303 Feathers Drive

St. Paris, OH 43072

(913) 449-2847

[email protected]

Urbana High School Alumni Association

President Della (Keeran) Trimble 937-508-9856

Secretary Ashley (Karns) Evans

Treasurer Kay (Markley) Schenkel 937-570-9337

Urbana Lions Club

Urbana Rotary Club District 6670

P.O. Box 660, Urbana 43078

Urbana VFW/DAV

Business office and banquet hall

220 E. Court St., Urbana 43078

VFW Commander Tony Markin

DAV Commander Fred Williams


V.A.L.E. (Volunteers for Adult Life Enhancement)

Guardianship Program

1 Monument Square, Suite 204, Urbana 43078


V.A.L.E. is a non-profit adult guardianship program that provides volunteer guardians for anyone over 18 in Champaign County who is physically or mentally incapacitated and has no family or friend willing or able to make decisions regarding their person. V.A.L.E. provides free training to anyone in Champaign County who would like to be trained as a legal adult guardian.

West Central Ohio Choral Society

3350 state Route 287, West Liberty 43357


Contact: Alan Kauffman

Woodstock Lions Club


Caring Kitchen – 300 Miami St. Urbana, OH 43078 –

P: M-F 10 am-12 pm, SK: M-F 11 am-12:30 pm 24 hour shelter

Champaign Co. Senior Center Pantry – 150 Patrick Ave. Urbana, OH 43078-

MWTh 8 am-4 pm by appointment

Concord Community Pantry – 2963 St. Route 560 N Urbana, OH 43078 –

3rd Thurs 5:30 pm-6:45 pm

North Lewisburg United Methodist Church – 124 E. Maple St. North Lewisburg, OH 43060 –

Second Sunday 3 pm-5 pm

Oasis of Mercy Pantry at St. Michaels – 40 Walnut St. Mechanicsburg, OH –

Pantry: first and third Tuesdays, 4-6 pm

Recovery Zone – 827 Scioto St. Urbana, OH 43078 –

Mon-Friday 12 pm-1 pm

St. Paris Federation of Churches – 135 W. Main St. St. Paris, OH 43072 –

Wed 5:30-7 pm, Sat 8:30 am-10 am

Stepping Stones Outreach – 142 Dellinger Rd. Urbana, OH 43078 –

M-T 9 am-12 pm, Closed 3rd full wk

Urbana Youth Center – 160 W. Market St. Urbana, OH 43078 –

Meals and snacks for kids after school Tuesday & Thursday 2:30-7:30

Wherehouse – 110 W. Church St. Urbana, OH 43078 –

3rd full week of mt, start SU: M-F 9 am-12 pm, TU 6-7:30 pm




•Ask An Attorney Day: Income-eligible can ask legal questions of volunteer attorneys. Contact Volunteer Lawyers Project at 888-346-3857 or [email protected] for appointment. Screening and registration required.

•Automatic Data Processing Board: 9 a.m. 2nd Tuesday in March, June, September and December, commissioners’ conference room, Community Center, 1512 S. US Route 68. Call auditor’s office at 484-1600 for agenda.

•Budget Commission: noon 1st Monday, in the county auditor’s office, Ste. B300, Community Center. Call auditor’s office at 484-1600 for agenda.

•Champaign County Democratic Party: 6:30 p.m. 3rd Monday (site TBD)

•County Commission: 8 a.m. Tuesday & Thursday, Suite A100, Community Center, 1512 S. US Route 68.

Champaign County Family and Children First Council meetings, third Tuesday of the month (except August), 1-2:30 p.m. in Conference Room C of the Champaign County Community Center

Community Farmers Market: 200 E. Market St. in Urbana. Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon, May thru October

•Champaign County Historical Society Museum: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday. Located at 809 East Lawn Ave. (937-653-6721)

•Champaign Co. Republican Women’s Club: 6-7 p.m. last Thursday of month, Champaign County Library

•Champaign County Right to Life holds monthly meetings every third Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at 122 Miami St., West Front, Urbana. All are welcome.

•Veterans Service Commission: 4:30 p.m., last Monday of month, 220 E. Court St. For information call 653-4554.

•Champaign Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors: 9:30 a.m. 3rd Thursday, FSA meeting room, Community Center. To receive notices of meetings, call 937-484-5527.

•Champaign Health District Board of Health: 8:30 a.m. 2nd Wednesday, county Commissioners Boardroom, 1512 S. US Route 68, Ste. Q100, 484-1605.

•Northeast Champaign County Fire District: 6:30 p.m. last Monday, North Lewisburg Municipal building meeting room.

•Maple Grove Cemetery Trustees: 9 a.m. 2nd Tuesday, cemetery maintenance building.

•Champaign Economic Partnership (CEP) board: 7:30 a.m. 3rd Wednesday, Education Service Center, 2200 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana. Open to public. For info and meeting location details: 937-653-7200.

•NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Family Support Group: 6 p.m., 4th Thursday, TCN, 1521 N. Detroit St., West Liberty. Call 937 750-1702.

•Free Survivors of Suicide Support Group: 6:30-8 p.m., 2nd Thursday, TCN, 1521 N. Detroit St., across from Quest Church in West Liberty. For questions please call Stephanie Ketchell @937-631-2883

•Opiate Task Force: 10 a.m., last Tuesday of month, Conference Room C, county Community Center, 1512 S. U.S. Route 68, Urbana. For info: 937-465-1045.

•Champaign County Family and Children First Council: third Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. in the Community Center Building, conference room C


•Village Council: 6:30 p.m. 1st & 3rd Monday, Municipal Building, 18 N. Main St.

•Our Towne Mechanicsburg: 6:30 p.m. 4th Monday, Mechanicsburg Public Library.

•Mechanicsburg Board of Education: 7 p.m. 2nd Tuesday, Rm. 109.

•Tuesday Hope: 7-8 p.m. Tuesday, Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship Church, 4401 Allison Road; for those dealing with addictions, recovery.

•Mechanicsburg Public Library Board of Trustees: 6:30 p.m., 3rd Wednesday in the library.

•Mechanicsburg Planning Commission: 8 a.m. 4th Saturday of every other month in municipal building.


•Village Council: 6:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesday, Municipal Building, 60 E. Maple St.

•Triad schools Board of Education: meets at 7 p.m. 3rd Thursday, rotating between school buildings­.

•North Lewisburg Branch of Friends of the Library: 5:30 p.m., 1st Monday of month at library, 161 Winder St.

•Congregate meal site: 11:30 a.m. Fridays, Cherry Arbors, 125 Cherry St., for those age 60 and older. Meal donation suggestion is $1.50. Call Barbara Rose, 937-747-2471, by Wednesdays to reserve Friday meals and for more information.

•Congregate meal site: 11:15 a.m. Wednesdays, North Lewisburg Community Building/Fire Hall. For people 60 years old and older. $1.50 per person. Must call for reservations by Monday: Pat at 937-747-2034.


•Village Council: 7:30 p.m. 1st & 3rd Monday, Municipal Council Room, 135 W. Main St.

•Graham Local Schools Board of Education: 6 p.m. 3rd Monday of the month, high school media center.

•St. Paris Public Library Board of Trustees: 7 p.m., second Monday of the month in the library’s Kiser Room.

•JSP Fire District Board: 7 p.m. 2nd Tuesday, fire house.

•Friends of the St. Paris Library: 5:30 p.m. 2nd Tuesday of the month, St. Paris Public Library.


•City Council: 6 p.m. 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Council Chambers 205 S. Main St. (Informal Work session: 6 p.m. 4th Tuesday, Municipal Building).

•Urbana Design Review Board: 7 p.m. 4th Monday, municipal building (if agenda items scheduled).

•City Shade Tree Commission: 7 p.m. 2nd Thursday, municipal building.

•Urbana Board of Zoning Appeals: 6 p.m. 2nd Monday, municipal building (if agenda items scheduled).

•Urbana Planning Commission: 6 p.m. 4th Monday, municipal building (if agenda items scheduled).

•Parks and Recreation Board: 7 p.m. 3rd Thursday, park office, Melvin Miller Park.

•Urbana Board of Education: 6 p.m. 3rd Tuesday, Elementary/JH building on US 68

•AA Urbana 12&12 Open Discussion: 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Urbana Swedenborgian Church.

•AA Monday Night Women’s Meeting: 6 p.m., Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Urbana

•AA Liberation Lunch Bunch: noon Tuesday, Urbana Swedenborgian Church, rear door.

•AA Tuesday Big Book Meeting: 7:30 p.m., Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Urbana

•AA Open Discussion for Men: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Urbana Swedenborgian Church, 330 S. Main St.

•AA Urbana Mad River Group #2: 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Presbyterian Church, 652-1121.

•AA Urbana As Bill Sees It: noon, Friday, Crossway Vineyard Church, Urbana

•AA Friday By Now We Know A Little: 6 p.m., Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Urbana

•AA Saturday Breakfast Discussion: 9 a.m., breakfast at 8 a.m., Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Urbana

•AA Urbana Mad River Group: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Presbyterian Church. Enter through northwest corner door.

•The Table: 6-8 p.m. free community meal, the 14th of each month, The WhereHouse, 110W. Church St.

•Breastfeeding Class: 2:30 p.m. 1st Tuesday, for pregnant moms, hosted by Champaign County WIC.

•Cause Driven Toastmasters Club: noon-1 p.m. Fridays, Champaign Family YMCA. Call Greg at 937-484-3547 for info.

•Urbana Lions Club: 12:15 p.m. Wednesdays, River of Life Christian Center. All invited to lunch/program. Email [email protected] to reserve spot or learn about club.

•Champaign Co. Friends of the Library: 7 p.m., 1st Tuesday of each month, Champaign County Library community room.

•Champaign Co. Library Book Talk: 7 p.m., 3rd Tuesday of each month, Champaign County Library community room.

•Diabetes Support Group: 4th Monday each month at 6 p.m. on first floor of Mercy Health-Urbana Hospital.

•Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group: 6 p.m. 2nd Tuesday, Mercy McAuley Center conference room, for family or persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Free. To arrange for respite care during meeting: 937-484-6123.

•Mom to Mom breastfeeding group: 10:30-11:30 a.m. 3rd Monday, hosted by Champaign County WIC.

•Mood/Anxiety Disorder Support Group: For more info 653-8332 (Pete Floyd).

•PFLAG (Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays): 6 p.m. 2nd Tuesday, check Urbana Area PFLAG Facebook page.

•Fashions to a Tea and Breast Friends Forever: meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at Urbana Nazarene Church.

•Champaign County Master Gardeners: 6 p.m., 2nd Tuesday, county Community Center (see directions inside door)

•Urbana Parkinson’s Support Group (for caregivers): 10 a.m., first Monday, Vancrest of Urbana dining room. 937-653-7679.

•Parkinson’s Clinic: 12:30 p.m. Thursdays, Vancrest of Urbana all-purpose room. For info, call Vancrest, 937-653-5291.

•Community Bingo: 2-3 p.m., 2nd Tuesday of each month, Urbana Place Assisted Living, 609 E. Water St. For more info: 937-652-1500.


•Village Council: 6:30 p.m. 2nd Monday, Municipal Building.


•AA Rosewood: noon Wednesday, United Methodist Church, 6543 Rosewood Quincy Road.


•Goshen Memorial Park Board: 8 a.m. 3rd Saturday, Burnham-Work building at the park.

•Wayne Trustees: 6:30 p.m., 1st & 3rd Monday, Twp. Hall, Cable.

•Wayne Township Park Committee: 5:30 p.m., second Wednesday, Township Meeting Hall, 3630 Inskeep Road, Cable.

•Salem Trustees: 7 p.m. 2nd & last Tuesday, Twp. building, 1635 E. Kingscreek Road, Urbana.

•Harrison Trustees: 7 p.m. 3rd Thursday, Twp. House, Springhills.

•Urbana Trustees: 7 p.m. 1st & 3rd Monday, Urbana Twp. Building.

•Mad River Trustees: 7:30 p.m. 1st & 3rd Thursday, Twp. Building, 2773 Vance Road, St. Paris.

•Goshen Trustees: 7 p.m. 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Goshen Twp. Building, 60 Mill St., Mechanicsburg.

•Concord Trustees: 6:30 p.m. 2nd Monday, Concord Community Center, state Route 560.

•Adams Trustees: 8 p.m. 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Adams Twp. Building, Rosewood.

•Jackson Trustees: 7:30 p.m. 1st & 3rd Monday, Twp. Building, Dialton Road.

•Rush Trustees: 7 p.m. 1st & 3rd Monday, North Lewisburg Twp. House.

•Union Trustees: 7 p.m. 1st Monday, 3081 Harper Road, Mechanicsburg.

•Johnson Trustees: 7:30 p.m. 1st & 3rd Monday, Twp. Building, 1938 Apple Road, St. Paris.


•Village Council: 7 p.m. 2nd & 4th Monday, Municipal Building.

•West Liberty-Salem Board of Education: 7 p.m. 3rd Wednesday, middle school/high school media center/library.

•AA West Liberty “Liberty” Group: 8 p.m. Friday, Presbyterian Church, 215 W. Columbus St.

•National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): For information call Pete Floyd at 653-8332.

•Journey Christian Cancer Support: 6:30-8 p.m., 2nd Monday, Quest Community Church, 110 South St. For info: 614-827-5882.

•Caregiver Support Group: 2-3 p.m., 3rd Monday, Chapel at Green Hills Community, 6557 S. U.S. 68, West Liberty.

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