Teamwork ensured veteran’s grave properly marked


Thanks to Mr. Buzzy Moore, Mr. Bill Gibson and Ms. Cinda Bailey for a job well done!

All of the above named were instrumental with completing a task that took lots of time and knowledge to place a military headstone on a veteran’s grave who died in 1979, and whose records had been destroyed in a fire containing his and several thousands of other veterans’ records in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Moore and Mr. Gibson worked and located military records for Sgt. James W. Coleman (1917-1979). With Maple Grove Cemetery Custodian Ms. Cinda Bailey’s assistance in North Lewisburg, a beautiful bronze headstone was placed on Mr. Coleman’s grave this spring. On behalf of Sgt. James W. Coleman’s family, I want to extend our heartfelt “thank you” to Mr. Moore, Mr. Gibson and Ms. Bailey for all their help and time spent so Mr. Coleman has a proper headstone now and can be found where he now lies in peace.

Urbana is very lucky to have a VFW that will work with veterans and their families. God Bless America and our veterans. God Bless our flag and may it always fly. Freedom is not cheap!

Bonnie Daulton Kempf

Native of Urbana and a proud member of the

UHS Class of 1958

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