Triad cheerleaders dominate at UCA Camp


The Triad High School and Jr. High cheer program attended a four-day UCA cheer camp held at Ohio Northern University in Ada with 12 other schools from throughout Ohio.

Hard work, dedication, Cardinal Pride and school spirit resulted in the entire program receiving numerous awards and hardware. Due to their high energy and spirit they earned the top honor on Day 2 by receiving the “UCA Spirit Banana.” The Jump Off Competition resulted in 2 cheerleaders, Olivia Butz and Carsyn Thomas, making it to the final round in the Jr. Varsity Division and 2 cheerleaders, Brianna Eaton and Cassey Poe, making it to the Semi-Final round in the Varsity Division. Two cheerleaders, Macey Bailey and Cassey Poe, were named Pin It Forward recipients. Pin It Forward cheerleaders are selected by UCA staff and other cheerleaders at camp who display all the values developed through cheerleading such as leadership, spirit, kindness and encouragement to their squad and cheerleaders from other schools. This is the third year in a row that Macey has received this distinction. All three squads earned Spirit Sticks each night and Superior Ribbons on ALL of their routine evaluations throughout the week.

All-American Cheerleader Try-outs were held on Day 3 and Triad dominated once again by having the most girls selected from a single school. Macey Bailey, Cassey Poe, Leaira Smith, Brianna Eaton, Ashley Boggs, Danica Seifert and Ellie Osterholt were each named All-American.

The final day of camp is the Game Day Championship, which resulted in Triad earning 6 trophies and the prestigious Traditions Award. The Traditions Award is voted on by the entire UCA and Varsity Brand staff and is awarded to the school that showed the most school pride, spirit, leadership and all around great attitude all throughout camp.

The Triad cheerleaders are coached by Angel Legge, Varsity Head Coach, Terri Bruce, Jr. High Coach and Mckenzie Legge, Assistant. The high school cheerleaders will be competing at the Ohio State Fair on Aug. 7.

The Triad High School and Jr High cheer program earned honors at camp. Triad High School and Jr High cheer program earned honors at camp. Submitted photo

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