The Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met Monday, April 15, 2024, at 1:30 p.m. at the St. Paris Library. Fifteen members and one guest were in attendance. The regent preceded the meeting with a video from the State Conference held in March, featuring many chapters in accordance with the Conference theme “Daughters Through the Decades.”

Regent Snyder called the meeting to order and led the opening ritual with Chaplain Lynda Berube. Pat Detwiler led the Pledge of Allegiance, Judy Brooks led the American’s Creed, and Joanna Woodburn led the singing of the National Anthem. Regent Snyder led recitation of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Regent Snyder introduced guest Kathy Bailey. She then conducted the Chapter’s first virtual installation of new member D’Ann Durbin from Texas, assisted by Chaplain Lynda Berube and Registrar Dona Tullis. D’Ann was present by video conference throughout the entire meeting.

There were no questions about the President General’s report and the National Defender which were sent with the minutes by email prior to the meeting.

Regent Kim Snyder gave the program “Can You Prove the Bible with Archeology?” with a very interesting talk and slideshow, including her experiences in an archeological dig in Israel.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted with one correction given by the regent of the correct name of D’Ann Durbin, and they will be filed.

The regent reminded members to continue to collect pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House and bring local gift cards for Veterans emergency relief, also to put change in the Christian Waldschmidt House model house.

The Nominating Committee of Pat Detwiler, Judi Henson, and Becky Shultz reported as follows for the next term’s slate of officers: Regent, Linda Fullerton; First Vice Regent, Claudia Foulk; Second Vice Regent, Betsy VanHoose; Chaplain, Lynda Berube; Recording Secretary, Joanna Woodburn; Treasurer, Judith Brooks; Assistant Treasurer, Jeanette Enyart; Registrar, Kim Snyder; Historian, Suzanne Selvaggio; Librarian, Carol Tong.

The slate of officers will be voted upon in May and installed in June. We will be honored to have the State Regent conducting the installation.

Regent Snyder gave the Regent’s Report. She included highlights of the State Conference, stating Becky Shultz selected some great shots of our Chapter to include in the video. She thanked everyone for their support of Betty Driever at the funeral of Lou Driever. She thanked those who attended the dedication of the Civil War cannon at the VFW/DAV on Friday.

A letter from Mary Ann DeVolld, DAR School Committee Chair, OSDAR, was referenced, which stated that the state goal was met for the Kate Duncan Smith School’s project celebrating their 100th anniversary. Another project was announced, a State Regent’s project of “Raise the Roof” for the Christian Waldschmidt Homestead for roof replacement and point-tucking bricks and chimney. Becky Shultz moved, Pat Detwiler seconded, that the Urbana Chapter donate to this project. Motion carried. Other individual donations may be given; there is a “Raise the Roof” pin reflective of that option.

Regent Snyder encouraged everyone to avail themselves of the no-cost Leadership Training courses available through the DAR, especially the Members course and the Committee course. She wore a braid she has earned, representing these three courses. Members can learn about the DAR organization, protocol, and opportunities for meaningful service. The Regent wore a green cord with tassels, representing the Genealogy or GEP courses, which she completed.

Members can support the military Chapel Oasis Centers now through November. Using the Amazon Wish list will be the easiest way for the Chapter to participate. The regent will send out a link for this project via email, and she gave a challenge for all to provide women’s care products. Let Claudia Foulk know about your orders and packages for tracking the Chapter participation.

A Naturalization Ceremony in Dayton recently used 50 pin cards supplied by our Chapter to share with new citizens. Lynda Berube moved and Claudia Foulk seconded that we buy 100 more flag pins and notes to assemble. Motion carried.

Let the regent know if you would like to be a volunteer in a local high school Real Money Real World role-play event.

Looking ahead, the regent stated that volunteers will be needed at the Black Heritage Festival, 6/15, where we will have a booth. Likewise, we will need volunteers at the Simon Kenton Chili Festival & Hoopla Parade, 9/28; Oktoberfest, 10/6; and Docent for a Day at CMH, 10/13. Docent training will be virtual this year.

There was no Vice-Regent’s Report.

Chaplain’s Report: Member Bethany Rogers Neidenthal has had surgery.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Brooks gave the financial report. The report will be filed as presented. Regent Snyder presented her with a check from Wreaths Across America.

Claudia Foulk moved, Lynda Berube seconded, that the Chapter vote to support summer theater camp. Motion carried. Pat Detwiler moved and Lana Seeberg seconded that the Chapter sponsor goat awards at the Champaign County Fair. Motion carried. Connie Flanly moved, Rita Woodard seconded, that the Chapter sponsor a booth at Octoberfest. Motion carried. Becky Shultz moved and Rita Woodard seconded that we sponsor two booths at the Chili Festival, one for public relations and one for “Revolutionary Chili.” Motion carried.

Registrar’s Report: Dona Tullis, Registrar, reported that the Chapter now has 83 members, as two were dropped at the national level. There was no Historian’s Report.

Claudia Foulk gave the Librarian’s Report on Elizabeth Annesley Lewis, wife of Francis Lewis, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who had a price on his head by the British authorities. A notable statement by her, as she languished in a vile British prison after being captured, was: “…they’re trying to get to my patriotic husband through me. It won’t work, though. I told Francis to let me rot in prison before we let tyranny control America.”

Committee Reports: Becky Shultz, Public Relations and Media Chair, reported that the scrapbooks are updated, and Regent Snyder presented her with certificates earned by the Chapter this past year, which were given at the Conference in March.

Pat Detwiler reported for the Flag of the United States Committee by giving a fun impromptu quiz on important places, facts, and dates in American history, taken from the American Spirit DAR magazine.

For the Service to Veterans and the Service to America Committees, Claudia Foulk reported a goal of sending 200 cards of appreciation, and she requested addresses for this effort.

For Wreaths Across America, Kim Snyder reported that due to the BOGO offer in January, 66% of Oak Dale cemetery Veterans’ graves will be covered with a memorial wreath. We still need 604 to cover the cemetery, and overage will stretch to other sponsored cemeteries.

Unfinished Business: Regent Snyder gave more facts about a plastic bench project, which would eventually be placed on the Historical Society property, near the park paths. Specific plastic caps and lids would be collected. An eight-foot bench price was discussed. A label for the bench can be obtained locally. Pat Detwiler moved and Lana Seeberg seconded that the Chapter endorse this project. After discussion, the motion carried.

There was no New Business.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 10 a.m. at the Dragonfly Vineyard, 710 W. Herr Rd., Urbana. We will learn about the vineyard, and our snacks for the day will be buy your own sample after the meeting (lunch available on your own).

The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

Joanna Woodburn

Recording Secretary

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