PAWS Animal Shelter

An elderly lady showed up at PAWS Animal Shelter about an hour before we opened. She had a carrier with a cat in it, and when nobody came to the door, she sat the carrier on the bench and covered it up with a blanket. Our manager saw her and met her in the parking lot. The woman said her husband wasn’t doing well and she had to get rid of the cat. She said if we didn’t take the poor cat, she was going to just put her outside (and Maggie Mae is front paw declawed).

Obviously we felt we had to take her in, even though our adult cat rooms are all full. Maggie Mae was very traumatized at suddenly finding herself in an animal shelter. She certainly didn’t like going through quarantine, but she is now in the Kool Katz room, one of our adult rooms. We are a free roam shelter, but we lock cats up when they are being introduced to a room, until they get used to their new surroundings and their roommates. She’s a beautiful cat, and she is now being let out in the room. She comes up to our staff and visitors to be petted, but she’s not a fan of her feline roommates. She would do best as an only cat!

Visit all the kitties at PAWS Animal Shelter, 1535 West U.S. Highway 36, Urbana, Ohio.

You can also check us out on Facebook at or on Petfinder at Our hours are noon until 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; Saturday, noon until 4 p.m.; closed Sunday and Monday. Phone number is 937-653-6233.

PAWS is in need of volunteers and fosters.

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