Team Champ swimmers compete at sectionals


This past weekend, members of Team Champ Swim, comprised of student-athletes from Urbana, Graham, West Liberty-Salem, Mechanicsburg and Triad, headed to sectional swim meets at two separate locations.

On Friday, the Graham, Urbana, WL-S and Triad boys swimmers headed to the Dayton Raiders Aquatic Center (DRAC) for Southwest District sectionals.

On Saturday, the girls swimmers from Graham, Urbana and West Liberty-Salem headed to the DRAC while Emma Moore from Mechanicsburg headed to the Columbus School for Girls for the Central District sectional.


200y Freestyle Relay – 1:43.38* (Thomas Neff, Joshua Ryman, Braden Bost, & Caleb Owens) finished 4th out of 8 teams.

400y Freestyle Relay – 3:57.73* (Neff, Ryman, Bost, & Owens) Won the Sectional event.

50y Freestyle – Caleb Owens 25.29 (7th/40), Joshua Ryman 27.17 (13th/40), and Braden Bost 27.64 (14th/40)

100y Freestyle – Caleb Owens 56.16 (4th/31) and Brayden Crooks 1:14.91 (21st/31)

500y Freestyle – Braden Bost 6:35.28 (7th/11)

100y Butterfly – Thomas Neff 1:02.90* (7th/13)

100y Backstroke – Thomas Neff 1:10.80 (6th/16)

100y Breaststroke – Joshua Ryman 1:18.39 (8th/21) and Brayden Crooks 1:34.26 (19th/21)


Owen MacKendrick – 50y Freestyle 28.79 (23rd/40) and 100y Butterfly 1:19.25 (11th/13)


Grayden Edwards – 200y Freestyle 2:02.91* (3rd/16) and 500y Freestyle 5:23.91* (3rd/11)

West Liberty-Salem:

Kamden Hissong – 100y Freestyle 1:00.04 (6th/31) and 200y Freestyle 2:22.46 (10th/16)

Saturday’s results:


50y Freestyle – Paris Grim 34.72 (28th/45)

100y Freestyle – Corynn Ryan 1:09.54 (11th/38), Peyton Longstreath 1:10.07 (13th/38), Paris Grim 1:18.83 (22nd/38)

200y Freestyle – Natalie Turner 2:34.78 (5th/23), Hazel Lightle 2:45.03 (11th/23) and Samantha Rohrer 2:59.94 (15th/23)

500y Freestyle – Natalie Turner 7:10.64 (9th/14)

100y Backstroke – Peyton Longstreath 1:21.76 (8th/30), Corynn Ryan 1:23.23 (9th/30) and Samantha Rohrer 1:34.77 (16th/30)

100y Breastroke – Hazel Lightle 1:25.60 (12th/31)

200y Freestyle Relay – 2:12.84 (Turner, Ryan, Grim, and Longstreath) (8th/12)

400y Freestyle Relay – 4:56.77 (Lightle, Ryan, Grim, and Longstreath) (7th/9)

West Liberty-Salem:

50y Freestyle – Lydia Schmidt 31.47 (18th/45), Laney Craig 36.36 (32nd/45), and Xan Schmidt 42.15 (38th/45)

100y Freestyle – Lilly Smith 1:04.56 (6th/38) and Lydia Schmidt 1:12.36 (17th/38)

200y Freestyle – Addison McAuley 2:57.51 (13th/32)

500y Freestyle – Laney Craig 7:53.91 (12th/14)

100y Backstroke – Addison McAuley 1:32.27 (15th/30) and Xan Schmidt 1:58.92 (25th/30)

100y Breastroke – Lilly Smith 1:23.41 (10th/31]

200y Medley Relay – 2:32.99 (McAuley, Smith, L. Schmidt, and Craig) (7th/11)

200y Freestyle Relay – 2:14.61 (Smith, McAuley, Craig, L. Schmidt) (9th/12)


50y Freestyle – Hannah Volp 33.23 (26th/45) and Eliza Blosser 44.04 (42nd/45)

100y Freestyle – Grace Smith 1:11.53 (15th/38), Ella Parke 1:15.97 (20th/38) and Eliza Blosser 1:37.75 (32nd/38)

100y Backstroke – Hannah Volp 1:19.64 (6th/30) and Ella Parke 1:29.28 (14th/30)

100y Breastroke – Grace Smith 1:21.25¹ (9th/31)

200y Medley Relay – 2:37.20 (Parke, Smith, Volp, Blosser) (8th/11)

200y Freestyle Relay – 2:21.69 (Smith, Parke, Blosser, Volp) (10th/12)


200y Individual Medley – Emma Moore 2:32.37* (11th/33)

100y Butterfly – Emma Moore 1:11.10* (13th/30)

* denotes those swimmers and times that will advance to district meets.

¹ denotes swimmer broke school record.

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