Urbana FFA holds a work session over break

During fall break, the Urbana FFA held a work session for any chapter member wanting to apply to receive their State and/or American FFA degree, proficiency awards and scholarships . Any member who needed assistance in filling out the requirements or wanted to see if they were close to meeting the qualifications necessary for the applications were invited to come to the high school. Students attended were walked through the qualifications for the award and application; such as money made within their SAE, participation in at least 8 FFA activities above the chapter level, participation in at least 2 state sanctioned CDEs and community service. During this time, chapter president and vice president, Nathan Deere and Sam Wilhelm worked together to fill out the National Chapter Application. In order to qualify for a state or national award, your chapter must complete at least 15 activities: one for each of the five quality standards in each of the three divisions. Additionally, the chapter must meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the National Quality Chapter Standards. The chapter Secretary, Treasurer and Reporter also have books to submit via state application and evaluation process. These books have a grading rubric to work from to earn either a bronze, silver or gold rating. All three officers have a goal of earning their gold rating this year and are working diligently to achieve this accomplishment.

Respectfully submitted,

Kianna Gsell

Urbana FFA Reporter

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