Money motives behind Issue 1 unknown


The front-page “Issue 1 fueled by national groups and money” in the Daily Citizen explains that getting abortion into the State of Ohio’s Constitution will not be any harder than it is now. The pro-life side wanted to make it more difficult to alter the State Constitution, so Issue 1 would have raised the votes needed to 60 percent instead of 50 percent plus 1. The election was not close and failed to help the future of our babies.

The article tells us that the election was not free and fair. Out-of-state money poured in even though both sides condemned “out-of-state meddling.” Why special interests from out-of-state want to control Ohio laws with their money is not explained in the Urbana Daily Citizen report. Because a simple majority is all that is required to alter our Constitution, Ohio will continue to be a political playground for national and international millionaires and billionaires.

Abortion is horrific, as you will find if you have ever watched one. Abortion is also unnecessary: there are state-wide organizations that will assist mothers-to-be with every kind of help (monetary and advisory). The fact is that around 70% of mothers who have aborted feel regret afterwards.

Women considering abortion can get help here in Urbana, at Sycamore House (Bodey Circle) and Champaign County Right to Life (122 Miami St., West Front). They will help in any way they can (advice, funding for poor mothers-to-be, and more).


David George


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