Ancestry journey leads to friendly Urbana


My wife and I took a recent trip to Urbana to do a genealogy search for some ancestors who left the area in the 1870s moving to southeastern Kansas. We were initially taken by the beauty of your city. The well maintained and restored downtown was wonderful! We went to many places for information which included the Champaign County Historical Society, the Champaign County Library, and the Champaign County Recorder’s office. We found everything that we wanted. A local school, likely attended by my great-grandfather, was discovered. We found the cemetery with the graves of our ancestors.

This was a very rewarding week for us with all of the help we received, including Mayor Bill Bean, John and Joy, Anna, Jim Cook, and the Scioto Inn. Thank you, Urbana, for a great gift of welcoming and information!

Jeanne and Jerry Pees

Lawrence, Kansas

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