Ohio House OKs legislation to increase healthcare transparency


COLUMBUS –The Ohio House of Representatives on June 27 passed House Bill 49, joint sponsored by State Representatives Ron Ferguson (R-Wintersville) and Tim Barhorst (R-Fort Loramie).

The legislation will increase hospital price transparency and reduce the cost of healthcare in Ohio. Barhorst represents Champaign County.

“For far too long, consumers and patients have had to make significant financial decisions due to a lack of transparency regarding the costs of services provided by hospital systems,” said Barhorst. “To me, it’s common sense. Ohioans should be able to see how much they will pay before making medical decisions.”

Only 20-25% of the largest hospital systems in the United States are deemed compliant with federal transparency requirements. Ferguson and Barhorst want to standardize all hospitals in Ohio, making their charges public.

“Ohio hospitals deliver some of the best medical care in the country, but that does not justify ignoring federal law to protect profits,” said Ferguson. “Ensuring hospitals follow federal law is in the best interest of Ohioans, who ultimately bear the burden of over-priced healthcare in the form of higher taxes, lower wages, and out-of-pocket spending.”

House Bill 49 now heads to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

Info from Ohio House of Representatives

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