2023 – 2024 Urbana FFA

Officer Retreat

On June 19-20

The Urbana FFA had their officer retreat. The chapter holds an officer retreat every year. The retreat is set to allow the chapter officers to get to know each other, and to go over their duties for the upcoming school year. Chapter officers Nathan Deere (Urbana FFA President), Sam Wilhelm (Urbana FFA Vice President), Layne Settle (Urbana FFA Treasurer), Bryce Stambaugh (Urbana FFA Secretary), Kianna Gsell (Urbana FFA Reporter), and Mason Farmer (Urbana FFA Sentinel) arrived at the school around 9 a.m. on June 19 and planned events for the upcoming school year; they focused on chapter fund-raisers, CDE dates, chapter trips, and meeting dates.

The students worked hard, going over the various schedules and calendars that can affect the dates of their planned events. They worked around the athletic and school calendars to ensure that their dates wouldn’t interfere with their member’s schedules. Officers then went over their expectations and worked on specific duties required of their position to help run the chapter and events. They began going over their required officer books and teaching each other about their new duties. After this officers worked on getting to know each other off site by performing team building exercises and building team rapport. The Urbana FFA Officers worked to learn how to use teamwork and communication to get objectives and goals accomplished throughout the year. Officers enjoyed swimming, board games and hiking with each other and their advisors to build team rapport. The 2023-2024 officer team all look forward to a year of working together to better the chapter and work hard to accomplish their duties.

Respectfully submitted by Kianna Gsell


FFA Reporter

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