Champaign County Preservation Alliance calling on Façade Grant applicants for 2023


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The Champaign County Preservation Alliance (CCPA) came together as an organization of Champaign County residents interested in preserving local historic buildings and providing education to the public about the importance of historic preservation.

Out of these interests, it was determined 29 years ago that a Matching Façade Grant Program could help Champaign County residents complete some historic preservation projects on homes and businesses that would otherwise continue to deteriorate.

As the deadline approaches for applications, June 30, 2023, the CCPA encourages any Champaign County resident or business owner to apply for one of the CCPA Matching Façade Grants if the following applies to their building:

1) Exterior preservation is to take place on a residential or commercial property that was erected prior to 1940.

2) All improvements being made to said property will be visible from a street elevation of the property.

3) Projects must include restoration to original or period condition using existing or approved replications. Exterior improvements should preserve the original building design and be sympathetic to the architectural character of the neighborhood.

a. Eligible improvements may include: removing false siding; restoring architectural details; replacing deteriorated or inefficient windows with wooden copies; cleaning and re-pointing brick; painting; removing or repairing awnings; replacing or upgrading porches; repair or replacement of gutters and downspouts; replacing exterior lighting.

b. “Façade” does not include landscaping, roofing, interior repairs, or improvements not visible from the street elevation of the property.

The Matching Façade Grant has allowed the CCPA to have a hand in the continued preservation of many buildings and homes throughout Champaign County. Examples of businesses who have been impacted within the last five years are the Gloria Theater, Carmazzi’s, and the Douglas Hotel (now senior housing). Many residential neighborhoods have had the benefit of Façade recipients improving the area look and feel in Urbana, Mechanicsburg, and St. Paris.

The matching grants are 100% funded by proceeds from the CCPA’s events held throughout the year—The Annual Historic Home & Garden Tour, Cemetery Tour, Urbana Loft Tour, and others. Residents from Champaign County and visitors from beyond come to many of these events and benefit from the educational information provided about historical preservation and local history. Many of the projects serve as examples of how historic buildings can be repurposed and worked into modern landscapes and uses.

For more information about the CCPA Matching Façade Grants, or to apply for a Matching Façade Grant, please visit:

If you’d like to become a member of the CCPA, learn more about other CCPA events, or would like to donate in kind, please visit this website to learn more:

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