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During the recent Antique Appraisal Fair at the Champaign County Historical Museum, prizes were awarded for the “Most Unusual” and the “Most Valuable” items submitted for appraisal.

Shown with this story is Sue Evans Berkemeier with appraiser, Greg Shipley, and the meteorite which was discovered by her father and grandfather on the family farm in Champaign County. Found in the late 1940s, it weighs about 20 pounds and is millions of years old. It has been verified and tested as authentic by the OSU labs. As this is such a rare find, she was the winner of the award for the “Most Valuable” item presented at the Fair.

Taking the prize for the “Most Unusual” item was a folk-art piece described as an “iron pig.” Shown with this story is Gary Shambaugh who found the item in a box of toys purchased at a yard sale in the 1970s. He wanted the Hot Wheels which were in the box, but, on discovering the unusual figure, he decided to keep it. The figure was painted yellow with pink dots and upon removing the paint he discovered the figure had an animal body with a man’s face. It is considered a rare piece of folk art valued between $250-$300.

Mrs. Berkemeier and Mr. Shambaugh donated the cash prizes to the museum.

Info from Champaign County Historical Society

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