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A note to readers from the family of Shirley Scott:

With great sadness we announce the untimely death of Shirley Scott, Boomer Blog author (or contributor). Shirley wore many hats during her life—beloved daughter, sister, aunt, great-aunt, teacher, world traveler, tour guide, author.

She loved nothing better than putting pen to paper to create her weekly blog. Shirley’s desk was cluttered with post-its and paper scraps with ideas for blogs for next week, next month, and next year. Writing was one of her passions and she delighted in coming into your home for a few minutes each week while you read her articles. Shirley appreciated the input she received from her readers, both positive and the occasional negative, as it pushed her to be a better writer—in much the same way she encouraged her students during her career as a teacher, 4-H advisor, and tutor. Thank you for your continued support of Shirley’s Boomer Blog over the past several years.

She treasured her readers.

Sincerely, Her Siblings: Carolyn Leporini, Connie Plank, Barb Sell , Bev Rambo, and Tim Scott

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