ThinkFast interactive comes to UHS


The Champaign County Engineer, in conjunction with Urbana and West Liberty-Salem high schools, brought in a drivers safety education program known as ThinkFast®.

The ThinkFast® program visited Urbana High School on Friday, Jan. 20, with the “game-show”-themed student interactive safety program. Juniors and seniors from Urbana and West Liberty-Salem high schools came together for the one-hour program, which thoroughly entertained while educating students.

Highway safety, distracted driving, fatality statistics of teen drivers, and impaired driving education were all parts of the interactive, high-energy presentation.

Champaign County Engineer Stephen McCall advised that the Local Road Safety Committee formed four years ago has stakeholders from all Champaign County high schools. Teen driving safety is one of the Champaign County Local Road Safety Committee’s targeted areas. Champaign County crash statistics reflect the need for young drivers to be educated to consider safety issues regarding phone distraction and impaired driving due to drugs and alcohol.

The County Engineer wants all Champaign County juniors and seniors to experience this fun, educational, thought-stimulating program. The first-year ThinkFast® program visit was a success. Special thanks to Nathan Sever and Charles Thiel, Urbana High School principal, and superintendent, respectively, for hosting the event and offering to the other county schools to participate.

The cost of this program was paid for by the Champaign County Engineer’s Local Road Safety Plan project fund supported through the roadway fines.

Additional information on the ThinkFast® program can be found at, and the Champaign County Safety Plan can be found at

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