Leadership should focus on economy


Here in Ohio, the American electorate sent a loud and reverberating message to Washington at the ballot box this fall. It is clear that voters want our elected officials focused on one priority: restoring our economy.

Despite this unmistakable mandate, the Biden Administration still doesn’t quite get it—they recently announced that banning the sale of tobacco is a top priority next year. Instead of securing our borders, tackling inflation, opening our pipeline or backing our police, the DC elite believe what they really need to do is to parent grown adults. As the liberal left continues to push the line, the American people must continue to push back just as aggressively.

When the new Congress gets sworn in, millions of Americans will be watching. We want leadership to focus on economic priorities and to rebuild our great nation, not giving us more rules in which they believe we should abide. Join me in watching to ensure that campaign promises made are policy promises kept.

Taylor Armstrong


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