Resident applauds PILOT decision


Recently, the Champaign County Commissioners denied a “Payment In Lieu Of Taxes” (tax exemption) made by a solar company interested in coming into our county. As a constituent here in Champaign County, I approve of their decision – this is a tremendous win for taxpayers!

Many around our county are unfamiliar with the significant burden that this P.I.L.O.T. would have carried for every Champaign Countian. This was a 40-plus year tax abatement that would have primarily benefited out of county businesses and a very small group in our county, yet the rest of the taxpayers would have carried the expense. This was neither fair nor equitable, which is our state standard for taxation.

The purpose of government is to protect the rights of the people who elect them. In this case, our Champaign County Commissioners did just that.

They protected you and I from carrying an uneven load for many decades to come. Thank you to these public servants for remembering your elected duty and representing us so well.

Karen Bailey

St. Paris

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