Jim Jordan – an embarrassment


On August 10, 2022, I was surprised to get an email to my home from Jim Jordan. He was exclaiming that Trump was not being treated fairly by the Justice Department.

The political stance taken by Jim Jordan on the current classified documents found in the former President Trump’s party club home indicates the GOP places Trump above a normal citizens’ rights. This home is open to any club member with $100,000 and therefore not secure.

Question is why? The former president is not a king, therefore should he not behave as a citizen would have to behave in the USA.

It is unfortunate that Jim Jordan does not want to represent all the people but be a lackey for Trump, and his apparent ambition to improve his own future political future?

I believe the congressmen should be for all the people not just Republicans and do what’s right for all people in the country not the just GOP positions. Avoid the divisive political positions.

Champaign County needs new representation in the federal government and this is the time to get it.

Jim Jordan is an embarrassment to Graham High School.

Dale Markley

Chesterfield, Missouri (formerly of Urbana, Ohio)

Graham High School graduate and former athlete

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