Holding Big Tech accountable


We are fortunate to have our hometown Congressman Jim Jordan on the House Judiciary Committee fighting against Big Tech. Right now, this issue is more important than ever as companies like Apple and Google continue to dominate and monopolize the market.

As a young professional that has been raised largely using various tech applications in all aspects of my life, I see this first-hand everyday. Apple and Google box-out any competition from small app developers that have similar apps, but have to be accessed through Google or Apple’s app stores. These tech giants also take up to 30% commission on any in-store purchases, making it nearly impossible for the small start-up developers to have any hope of success. This directly impacts many of my peers pursuing start-up opportunities or careers in tech development.

One piece of legislation that was introduced and is working itself through the Senate is the Open App Markets Act, which works to combat the unfair business practices that Apple and Google currently use. This bill would prohibit the tech monopoly that exists, allowing for greater competition, helping both the small developers and consumers. We need Big Tech reform, and I ask Congressman Jordan to support this piece of legislation.

Taylor J. Armstrong

Former State Chairman | Ohio College Republican Federation

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