‘There is good in this world’


On May 25, I had the privilege as an Urbana Police Officer to escort the remains of Corporal Charles Hiltibran back to Walter & Lewis Funeral Home.

Corporal Hiltibran was reported as missing in action during the battle of the Chosin Reservoir on December 2, 1950; he was 19 years old.

After 72 long years, Corporal Hiltibran was finally able to return home to Champaign County, Ohio.

While escorting the young Corporal, I had the distinct honor of witnessing the welcome home the residents of Urbana, Ohio gave to him.

I witnessed men, women, and children of every creed, color, and background take to the streets of Urbana to show that, although the war has long since ended, we in Urbana, Ohio will be waiting for everyone to make it back home.

Some of those who lined the streets were just old enough to stand on their own, and more than one old man rendered a salute; a gesture I could tell they hadn’t presented in quite some time.

For those who say we’re in a time where there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.

As long as there are men like Corporal Hiltibran, and places like Urbana, Ohio, there is good in this world.

By Seth Matthew Lingrell

Urbana Police Division

Seth Matthew Lingrell is a uniformed member of the Urbana Police Division.

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