Habitat house for Knox family


MECHANICSBURG – After an approximate two-year hiatus, it is almost time for the Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County Ohio (HFHCCO) house to be built at 141 E. Race St., Mechanicsburg.

Madison and Nick Knox, along with their son Stormy and daughter Aella, are looking forward to receiving their new home hopefully within the next nine months.

HFHCCO’s Marcia Ward explained the application process that the Knox family went through before they were chosen.

“We have a pre-application that is now on our website,” said Ward. “The Knox family filled out the pre-app and in this family’s case, Madison is not bashful. She is insistent and she called us a lot. We talked quite a bit and that was nice.”

Unfortunately, due to problems caused by COVID, Ward said they have not been able to build a house for the last two years. The Knox family began the application process at the beginning of 2021. They anticipated construction to begin last year, but it was put on hold until now.

“There are three main things we look at when choosing the family,” said Ward. “Number one, have they lived in the county for at least one year; number two, are they gainfully employed; number three, do they pay their taxes. We make phone calls to employers to inquire what kind of a workers the people are and we talk to directors at schools, if they have children. We try to be as good at selecting as we can be. We are hoping that whoever is selected is going to respect the mortgage because if the mortgages do not get paid, we are hurting when it is time to build the next house.”

Madison and Nick both grew up in Champaign County. High school sweethearts, they have been married for six years. Their son Stormy is 10 and their daughter is 4. Madison works as a dental assistant for Darby and Urbana Dental Smiles and is completing further schooling to become an expanded function dental assistant. Nick is currently working as a forklift driver in West Jefferson.

Right now, the family is renting a home in North Lewisburg and the children attend the Triad school district. When the house is completed, they are planning to transition to Mechanicsburg schools.

“I am excited to have a bigger room,” said Stormy.

“I am excited about being able to build and work on the house,” said Nick.

“We have been renting in North Lewisburg for the past four years,” said Madison. “When we come to Mechanicsburg, I think that it will be nice to be involved a little bit more in the community. I feel like there is a lot of uncertainty with renting. I get anxious because we never know if we will have to leave. Not having to worry about that will be a big weight off of our shoulders.”

“As soon as the weather is feasible, they will start construction,” said Ward. “We have had 16 businesses and churches, a record number, reach out to us to provide our lunch and building crews.”

The Knox family pictured from left to right includes Madison, Stormy, Aella and Nick Knox.
https://www.urbanacitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/36/2022/03/web1_habitat.jpgThe Knox family pictured from left to right includes Madison, Stormy, Aella and Nick Knox. Photo by Anna Kennedy
Will be located in Mechanicsburg

By Anna Kennedy

Contributing writer

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