COVID-19 death tally spikes in past 10 weeks


Champaign County has recorded approximately 25 percent of its total COVID-19 deaths in the past 10 weeks, according to an analysis of historical data reported by the Champaign Health District each week.

The county has recorded a pandemic total of 81 deaths, 20 of which have been reported since Sept. 7. In the last 10 weeks, nearly seven times more deaths have been reported in Champaign County than in the first six months of the state’s initial response to the pandemic, March through September 2020.

Champaign County has suffered a pandemic total 232 hospitalizations as a result of COVID-19, according to the health district report this week – which is 62 additional hospitalizations in 10 weeks. As that 10-week period began, the health district report noted active cases spiked from 252 to 445 the week of Sept. 7.

It is estimated there have been at least 5,440 cases in Champaign County since the pandemic began.

Two vaccination clinics are being offered by the health district this week, one for youths and another for booster shots. See accompanying graphics for information on each.

For more information on future vaccination clinics or any types of vaccination appointments, contact the Champaign Health District by phone at 937-484-1605 or by email at [email protected].

“More providers now offer the vaccines, including boosters, so those who got vaccines with us or anywhere else are welcome to go wherever they please,” said Health Commissioner Gabe Jones. “They would be asked to bring their cards with them, otherwise they would need to have new ones made, and that may be tricky if they go to another location.”

Changes in COVID-19 tallies since last week:

+74 confirmed cases

+31 probable cases

+5 hospitalizations

+92 presumed recovered

+3 deaths

Vaccinations in Champaign County:

42.3% of Champaign County residents have started their vaccine and 39.4% have completed it

As of 11/15/21 Champaign Health District has administered:

6,163 Moderna 1st dose

5,677 Moderna 2nd dose

619 Moderna 3rd dose/booster

2,241 Pfizer 1st dose

2,052 Pfizer 2nd dose

406 Pfizer 3rd dose/booster

348 Johnson & Johnson

17,506 TOTAL graphic graphic

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