About the new Senior Center


Dear UCCSC Staff,

I want to express my extreme thankfulness to all of you for all your hard work and for making it so good for us old people. And I am also very thankful for all the sponsors who provide the lunches. I don’t even know where to start, but I will try. You are only 4 people serving 750 members with free lunches, old people jokes, birthday celebrations, chair volleyball, Bible study, bingo games with prizes, the bi-monthly newsletter which is a chore by itself for one person, offering books and puzzles to use and so much more.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to meet other old people. We are a class by ourselves, being “yesterday’s kids”. How quickly life goes by! When I see some who can hardly walk, I am grateful for the opportunity given to them by you to meet and have fellowship with other old folks.

So, on behalf of everyone who appreciates everything you are doing, a very hearty and deep-felt thanks to all of you!


Henk Bloemhard


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