The Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 11 a.m. at BrownRidge Hall, Urbana, Ohio.

The Chapter was chartered on July 31, 1896 and the event was in celebration of this 125th anniversary. Regent Kim Snyder called the meeting to order and welcomed 59 members, associate members, and special guests. She then conducted the DAR opening ritual. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Nancy Shirm Wright, and the American’s Creed was led by Susan Leininger. The National Anthem was led by Chris Nehring and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America was led by Darlene West. Special guests in attendance were introduced by Regent Snyder. This list included State Regent Kathy Gobin Dixon, National Vice President General Nancy Shirm Wright, State Vice Regent Susan Leininger, State Organizing Secretary Chris Nehring, State Northeast District Director Debby Kocsis, State Northwest District Director Debbie Held, Southwest District Director Darlene West, State Co-Chair All Star Academy Pat Nowiki, State Chair of Public Relations and Media Mary Ann DeVolld, State Chair America 250, Leann McGann, and State Chair Constitution Week Nancy Little. In addition, Regent Heather Pierce represented Fort Findlay Chapter, Regent Sharon Casey represented Jane Washington Chapter, Regent Connie Meyer represented Nathaniel Massie Chapter, and Captain William Henricks Chapter was represented by Ann Simpson. Four representatives of the Swedenborgian Church were also present. They were Pastor Betsy Coffman, Sherry Rutledge, Barbara Mackey, and Pat Sommer.

President General’s Report: This report was given by Vice Regent Linda Fullerton. President General Denise Doring Van Buren asked members to imagine the emotions our predecessors faced. They lived through world wars, Spanish Flu epidemic, as well as The Great Depression. In more recent years, they faced the future after September 11, 2001. These DAR members rose up, never gave up and stayed the course in good times or bad. The President General is asking members to summon courage, purpose, and determination to ensure our beloved National Society will endure and thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic. Now is the time to lift up our mission as never before as we fulfill our responsibilities as members of our nation’s most patriotic woman’s service organization.

National Defense Report: This report was given by Gina Gianfagna and it spoke of Free Speech Week, of which many Americans may be unaware. The early dispute over free speech and a free press was a clash of political, geographical and social attitudes, and often the “new” Americans (the immigrants the Federalists disdained) had a greater feeling for freedom of speech and of the press than those who had been native born.

Chaplain Lana Seeberg offered a grace and the group enjoyed a delicious luncheon prepared by Beyond Catering. The featured program was a historic and entertaining skit titled “Urbana Chapter DAR 125th Anniversary,” written by Jan Ebert.

Regent’s Report: Regent Snyder thanked all who were in attendance for being a part of the chapter’s 125th anniversary. She explained that many of the items displayed in the room were on loan from the Champaign County Historical Society, part of the Urbana Chapter collection or even from member collections. She emphasized caution in examining these items and asked that the gloves provided be used. Of special interest among the exhibits is the large flag displayed on the wall. This flag flew at the courthouse that was on a now vacant lot on Court Street from 1897 to 1908 when it was retired. Oklahoma was added to the Union in 1908. At that time, the cost of the flag was $5.10, and it was paid for by Urbana Chapter members from a per capita donation. Today, one cannot purchase a similar flag for less than $500. The stars are pieced and are exact replicas on both sides of the blue field. In addition, Regent Snyder mentioned her excitement to know that the chapter’s first two regents were in attendance. Sara Alice Worcester’s photo was transformed into a “cut out” and she was pleased to attend Continental Congress this past summer. Miss Mary Louise Williams was our first elected Regent after Dr. Sara’s terms. Her portrait was painted by Edgar Melville Ward. Ward was a noted artist while he was living, as was his brother, John Quincy Adams Ward who was a noted sculptor. This portrait was a part of the collection at Urbana University and now she resides at the Champaign County Historical Society.

Regent Snyder announced that our Service to America was attacking the local issue of Period Poverty. The Simon Kenton Hoopla Parade and Chili Festival on September 25, 2021 were very successful as was Octoberfest. She concluded her report to remind all to continue to be vigilant as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a part of our reality. Be kind to everyone as kindness is in great need in these stressful times.

Registrar’s Report: Dona Tullis was excited to introduce Betsy Van Hoose, who is a prospective member.

Claudia Foulk reviewed the items needed for the Service to America project. These will be collected at the November 2021 meeting.

Pat Detwiler reported on the Wreaths Across America project which is in process with the deadline for ordering wreaths being Thanksgiving.

New Business: After brief discussion, it was moved by Jan Ebert and seconded by Dona Tullis that Megan Snyder be nominated for Chapter Outstanding Junior. Motion carried.

In conclusion, State Regent Kathy Dixon expressed congratulations to Regent Snyder for the amazing celebration of the Urbana Chapter DAR’s 125th Anniversary.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned and the group shared a most enjoyable dessert, coffee, and social time.

The next meeting will be Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 10 a.m. at VFW/DAV BrownRidge Hall, Urbana, Ohio.

Pictured are Urbana local DAR members celebrating their 125th Anniversary as a Chapter with a festive luncheon, program and many historic displays. Also attending were additional state and national officers, members and guests. are Urbana local DAR members celebrating their 125th Anniversary as a Chapter with a festive luncheon, program and many historic displays. Also attending were additional state and national officers, members and guests. Submitted photo

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