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After our four-column letter on the Texas law halting abortions, two Urbana Daily Citizen items call for responses. Chris Creamer (Sep. 9) wrote that my letter was “fact-free,” but in fact it had 12 facts (not all with sources, to keep the letter short). I did use “penalty” in its less common sense, “a disagreeable consequence” of action or conduct — that is, a man’s responsibility for committing himself to the young woman he has impregnated. Jailing him would not help the mother or baby.

Pro-abortion arguments to avoid are abortion as “healthcare” and those that focus exclusively on women and girls. True, they get pregnant, but also involved are a male and a future child. We liked what Chris had to say at the end: are we prepared to support children post-birth (pre-K care, paid family leave, free or reduced-cost school lunches, and after-school programs)? Absolutely! Every Right to Life organization in Ohio is connected with a Pregnancy & Family Life Center (the one in Urbana is Sycamore House, 315 Sycamore St.). And if a woman decides not to abort and needs support, all she needs to do is phone us at 937 653-6745.

As for abortion being in the Constitution, Feminists for Life of America (undated website) remind us that “Men Launched the Movement to Legalize Abortion.” The movement was started in the 1960s by Larry Lader, a “disciple” of Margaret Sanger (active in New York in the 1920s to limit the number of African-American babies by “extermination”). Lader saw that he could not get abortion through Congress, but when President Johnson was being prepared for burial on January 23,1973, Congress dissolved. That was Lader’s chance, and on that same date his lawyers got abortion legalized by the Supreme Court. He was aided by Bernard Nathanson, who had published “Breeding Ourselves to Death” in 1971. Later, Nathanson repented and admitted that he and Lader had made up the number of women who had died from illegal abortions (5,000 to 10,000 a year). He became a Christian and began to help the pro-life cause.

As for the Citizen article of September 10 (“Justice Dept. sues Texas over new abortion law”), the suit bases itself on Texas’s “open defiance of the Constitution.” However, abortion is not in the Constitution, so Lader’s lawyers said it was, under “privacy.” But once Planned Parenthood started to get taxpayer funding, abortion went public. What is new about the Texas law is that it leaves prosecution of abortionists to private citizens through civil lawsuits.

Champaign County Right to Life recognizes the Fifth Commandment (“You shall not kill”), except in self-defense, and recommends that pro-abortion people take a walk in a park on a nice day. There they will see the joys of mothers and fathers with their little ones.

We also recommend that pro-lifers attend the Life Chain witness, Sunday, Oct. 3, 2-3 p.m. on Monument Square, and that donors attend the “Unplanned” movie at Urbana Nazarene Church, 1999 east State Route 29, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 6 p.m.

Sincerely yours

David George & Members

Champaign County Right to Life

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