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Texas law

The Urbana Daily Citizen (September 3, pp. 1-2) carried an article about the Supreme Court not blocking a new Texas law halting most abortions in that state. The abortion supporters pictured on page 2 carried signs indirectly encouraging to pro-lifers: “Keep Your Laws Off My Uterus,” and “My Body, My Choice.” In a brilliant article, titled “Special Privileges to Abortionists,” Andrew J. Macleod (nationalreview.com) showed that the Supreme Court in 1973 “in fact conferred special privileges and immunities on the abortion industry.” While women may have gained some advantages from the Roe and the later Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions, those advantages were exceeded by the power they conferred on the abortion industry. It was then free from basic legal accountability protecting women and children from harm, which all other medical professionals must respect.

The Texas statute did not impose sanctions on women seeking abortions, but on abortionists and those pressuring women to have abortions. Nor did Roe v. Wade recognize a right for women to control their bodies; rather, the Supreme Court justified its decision on the privacy of the abortionist-patient relationship. Harry Blackmun, who wrote the law, later emphasized in an interview that the abortionist decides “without regulation by the state that, in his medical judgment, the patient’s pregnancy should be terminated.” From there it got worse: the Court later upheld a Virginia eugenics law that authorized physicians to sterilize young women without consent. Informed consent is essential for women to know what may be done to them in an abortuary, and to ensure that if anything goes wrong, they will be admitted to a hospital. Of course, abortionists ignore these rules and not infrequently women die in abortion clinics or are rendered infertile.

The abortion-rights supporters in the Citizen photo are in reality aiming their protest against abortionists and reckless males. Abortionists are the ones who need to “Keep Your Hands Off My Uterus”; “My Body, My Choice” refers to males who impregnate these women and abortionists who pressure women to undergo an abortion.

The result is that the innocent baby in the womb gets the death penalty.

Under the Texas law, now “private citizens can sue abortion providers and anyone involved in facilitating abortions.” The penalty now falls on the abortion clinics.

Besides, any nation that kills off more than 61 million of its babies in the womb over 48 years is asking for trouble. The elderly lack great-grandchildren and grandchildren, over 70% of women who aborted their child live with regrets, and taxpayers constantly foot the bill. (They should know that Planned Parenthood has around $1 billion in assets.)

Just this week, Pope Francis “compared aborting a child to hiring a hitman to assassinate somebody who gets in our way… . We are living in a throwaway culture.”

Once a woman studies the stages of infant development, as for example in “Fetal Development: Stages of Growth” (Cleveland Clinic, on line, 16 April 2020), she will realize that her fertilized egg is a miracle; in just three weeks her baby’s first nerve cells will have formed.


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