Grave decorations repeatedly stolen


Our parents were both hard working, loving people that taught us good morals, right from wrong and if you want something in life, you got to earn it. Sadly this is a new concept to some people. Even more devastating is that both of our parents are now gone.

We pay our respects and visit their grave only to realize that people are stealing the saddles that we have placed there. This has not been the first time, closer to five times and we don’t understand how someone could do this. The saddles are made by “their girls” and are not only beautiful, but unique. Maybe we should be flattered that you liked the one that was made for them so much you stole it. We are confused though, if you place it on another headstone of a loved one of yours, do you even have any guilt at all?

Maybe this happens in every cemetery. We don’t know. In the future though, please let our parents have the saddle that was made for them and go buy your own.

Another thing our parents believed in and passed on to us is: just remember karma!

The Voke girls



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