Reader responds to Brown’s column


The article by Sen. Sherrod Brown on child abuse deaths (Urbana Daily Citizen, Dec. 17, p. 8) sounds compassionate — around 1,720 children died from abuse or neglect nationally in 2017. So Sen. Brown has paired with Sen. Roy Blunt to introduce a U.S. Senate bill called “Child Abuse Death Disclosure Act.” This would require the Department of Health and Human Services to define “child maltreatment fatality,” have states compile accurate data, and send the information to the National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention. Sen. Brown’s reasoning is that “even one child’s death is one too many.” All well and good, except that it leaves out entirely the terrible maltreatment of unborn (and in some states, newborn) infants. They can be attacked in the womb, torn limb from limb, and delivered dead or alive. Alive is better because the child’s body parts, especially hearts and brains, can be sold to university research laboratories.

Quite possibly, Senators Brown and Blunt may not have checked the statistics on abortion (20,425 in Ohio in 2018, and 862,320 nationally in 2017). However, they must know that the abortuaries get rich from these numbers, with a recent Planned Parenthood CEO retiring as a millionaire. Full protection of helpless children depends on the two senators extending their definition of a child to the unborn and newborn, and recognizing that the 1,720 children who died from neglect or abuse two years ago make up less than 1% of annual child deaths in the U.S. Developing conscience concerning the cruelty of abortion also requires heart and imagination.


David George & members, Champaign County Right to Life

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