Reader: AP story lacked scientific evidence


The Ohio Statehouse debate concerning the “‘Heartbeat’ bill” (Urbana Daily Citizen, April 11, p. 4) was remarkable for its lack of scientific evidence. The AP language is as usual pro-abortion — “reproductive rights” is typical (it means free abortions, paid for by the taxpayer). The truth is that medical science tells us that when the sperm penetrates the egg, there is a tiny flash of light. The interaction produces a zygote, with all the genetic information needed for a baby, and of course for the adult that baby will grow up to be. Within 24 hours after fertilization, the zygote becomes a blastocyte, whose inner cells produce an embryo, and at week 5 all the baby’s major systems and structures develop (blood, kidney and nerve cells, brain, spinal cord, gastro-intestinal tract, and heart). In the 6th or 7th week eyes and ears form and the heart beats. At the end of the 8th week, brainwaves are detectable (

Instead of this compelling evidence, that our humanity starts right after conception, we hear of slavery, economic harm, a Genesis citation, and rapes. This all stems from the Democratic party’s obsession with unwanted pregnancies. Rape allegations deserve special analysis: the crime (rape is often confused with compromising situations where the couple, alone in a bedroom, misunderstand intentions) is committed by a grown male, not by the baby. Hence the punishment must fall on him, and not on the innocent child.

The most shocking part of the vote was the attempt afterwards to amend it, exempting black women from having to follow the new law. Leftist politicians seem to think that black babies are more dispensable than white ones.

If we go to the Bible (Jeremiah 18:11; Deuteronomy 28), we learn that God prepares a disaster for those who disobey him — “so turn from your evil ways and your actions.” What was Israel’s fate for practicing child sacrifice? Invasion and eventually loss of national identity. Neither can the United States go on killing the unborn at the present rate. All we need to do is to alter the focus on the pregnant woman to woman + child. Both have rights, and to kill is the true oppression.


David George & members of Champaign County Right to Life

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