Why not save Urbana Local building?


This letter to the editor is about the Urbana Local School building.

The good citizens of Urbana have saved the Depot Coffee House as part of the SKP project. Citizens have saved the Gloria Theatre and a fine local family has saved several wonderful aircraft from being turned into beer cans.

East Elementary was quickly bulldozed and I never saw anything about putting it up for auction.

Local is a fine building with no structural problems. The sewage treatment system is fine as is the well. The reuse potential for this building is unlimited. Business Incubator, Rural Health Center, Community Kitchen, Meeting rooms for birthdays and graduations, Micro Brewery. Alternative energy center.

Use solar panels for the electric and heat.

Information on how school boards are “supposed” to dispose of real property are defined on the Ohio School Boards Association website under district Property disposal. www.ohioschoolboards.org

It has been done before at Concord Community Center, AB Graham to our west and the school in Westville.

If everyone who went to Local would put $5 in the hat you could save this wonderful piece of Champaign County history, or will it be turned into another pile of bricks and end up as an open lot.

We are famous for open lots. And just for fun it would make a fine motel for a lot less money.

Wes Beery


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