Reader criticizes Trump


When did the religious right go so wrong? You have supported a man for president with multiple marriages. A man who spends much of his time and energy worrying about payoffs for previous lovers. This man separated children from their families with no plan to reunite them. A man who consorts and admires dictators who have brutally killed many innocent people in their quest for power and property. Here is a man who has shamed and bullied people, will do anything to quiet protests against him and does all he can to stifle the free press, and the people who protest against the inequality of fellow Americans. Donald Trump is a person who lies with total impunity virtually daily. In order to drain the swamp, he put many of these people in his cabinet.

In the last two letters printed in the Urbana Daily Citizen, which were both good and well thought out, there was a debate about the words lout or vulgarian. Why not just say Trump is a louse, slang for a contemptible person? That should pretty well cover it.

Dorothy Yoder


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