A fetus is a process, not a person


This letter is in response to recent legislative proposals by 85th District State Rep. Nino Vitale:

A fetus is not a “person.” A fetus is a process, which if matured will result in a healthy live birth. That is a person. This fact is well respected in both Eastern and Western Catholic churches by their baptizing the baby soon, sometimes as early as the third day. In Jewish communities the boy babies are circumcised on the eighth day. That is official recognition of the child.

On Vitale’s other proposal, first of all stay out! Men don’t have any right in women’s bodies. As to no abortion for a woman whose life or health is at stake, any person has that right. If she had a gangrenous foot, you’d cut it off and save the person. If it were a cancerous uterus or breast, the organ or tissue would be removed to save the person. It is no different with a dangerous pregnancy.

If, however, a pregnancy is caused by rape or incest, there are two outcomes. The woman would have her abortion, paid for by the state health care. The man involved in the pregnancy would have an immediate and mandatory castration, also paid by his insurance. If women are not to be secure in their own bodies, neither are men. That should resolve the issue.

Amy Jo Zook


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