Reader sees Hitchcock drama in turbines


I am tall: I am as tall as the observation deck at the Washington monument.

I am mean: I “eat” bats and all kinds of birds, including eagles and falcons.

I am big: I have “appendages” that are up to 230 feet long.

I am an athlete: I can throw ice and debris more than 5 football fields away.

I am a nuisance: I can interfere with your TV and cell phone reception.

I am destructive: I will tear up your roads.

I am oppressive: I can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

I am prolific: I and 49 others just like me are going to be plunked down in a rural residential neighborhood just east of Urbana.

What am I ?

I am an unwanted, unwelcome industrial wind turbine and, believe it or not, some folks can’t wait to invite me into Champaign County.

Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t write a scarier story.

Bob and Barbara Behling

Urbana Township

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