Student propaganda call for unity


The 8th graders at Urbana Junior High School took part in a propaganda creation competition during their American History classes this semester. After learning about propaganda and how it is used to further a cause or change an opinion, they created their own real world examples.

With friction occurring throughout the country among various groups and political parties, students were asked to create propaganda that would convince Americans to put aside their differences and focus on unity. Students studied famous historical examples to gain their inspiration, including prints created by Benjamin Franklin during the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War to inspire the American colonists to unify.

Amazing original slogans and pieces of artwork were submitted by the students in this Unity Propaganda challenge, and the student body and staff voted for their favorites. First place winner, Kendra Baccus; 2nd place Cali Christian; and 3rd place Duke Buckalew.

First place winner, Kendra Baccus place winner, Kendra Baccus Illustrations submitted

2nd place, Cali Christian place, Cali Christian Illustrations submitted

3rd place, Duke Buckalew place, Duke Buckalew Illustrations submitted

Submitted story

Submitted by the Urbana school district.

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