Reader writes ‘NAACP is just as racist as the KKK’

Governor Kasich is wrong and President Trump is right. Evil is evil; no matter what part of the political spectrum the evil is coming from. The KKK and the Neo Nazi group are not responsible for the deaths of our police officers this past year. It was the left that caused riots in our cities and encouraged the crazies among us to shot down our police officers. What was the purpose? They wanted Black American voters to come to the polls.

No one has a right to shout down another person. We all have a mouth the good Lord gave us. All of us should use our voice to promote truth and the general good. We do not have the right to abuse or intimidate our neighbors. By shouting a person down, we give weight to the position of the person being shouted down.

The NAACP is just as racist as the KKK. The Black Panthers are equally as evil as the Neo Nazi Groups.

The left has targeted statues put up by past generations of Americans. Before the left judges the past generations, they need to look in the mirror. No past generation has delivered up 3,500 innocent babies every day to be killed. Our current generation of Americans does. They have targeted the aged and disabled. How many Americans, their families trying to preserve the equity in their parents’ homes, have been killed? When will the left understand that there is a God in heaven? Thomas Jefferson wrote up a covenant with this God. The Nation ratified this covenant on July 4, 1776. The wrath of God will fall on this Nation if will not keep this Covenant.

Even from the beginning we did not keep this covenant. Some Americans enslaved his black brothers. We as a Nation paid dearly for this National sin in the Civil War. Now the left is oppressing their neighbors by imposing their will on them. They scream for diversity, liars! They do not tolerate differences in thought. They are even putting pressure on governmental entitles to put people in jail that think differently than the left’s elitists.

By judging their neighbors, the left is perfecting the wrath of God that will fall on them. No Democrat will see heaven. Why? Because of the innocent blood they have shed by supporting baby-killing politicians. When one ignores the plight of the innocent unborn babies today, God will ignore their souls when they pass away. There is no forgiveness of sin without repentance.

Stephen Alexander