Lacy explains his vote


I would like to respond to the newspaper article dated May 18, 2017, regarding administrative contract renewals. Statements in the article made by a district employee indicated that action on two of the contracts could not be taken due to board negligence relating to state law. That is not accurate. I would like to share the following information with the community. The superintendent stated in an “All Staff” email that the school board did not take “affirmative action.” As a result, those contracts rolled over. It needs to be noted that under the provisions of Board Policy 1530 and Ohio Revised Code 3319.02 the superintendent must initiate preliminary evaluations and report results 60 days prior to any administrative contract renewal before a board can even take “affirmative action.” Those provisions to be completed by the superintendent did not happen. I want it known I have several emails dating back to 2015 and 2016 requesting the superintendent share and follow those provisions with the school board. Those requests were ignored.

The final votes for those contracts were 1-4 to not follow the superintendent’s recommendation. The votes not only reflected concern for those contracts, but also concerns that the process continued to not be followed. Prior to serving on the school board, evaluations on administrators were not even completed by the superintendent, which meant all contracts automatically rolled over whether the board took action or not. That is why I do not feel that the explanation given by the superintendent reflects the efforts of this board member. I want the community to know that as a board member, I will continue to work on resolving issues relating to contract renewals, along with administration and curriculum concerns.


Tim Lacy,

Urbana City School Board Member

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