Steinem never had a child


The Associated Press article on Gloria Steinem (Urbana Daily Citizen, May 18, p. 8) reports her as saying “The question is not pro-abortion or anti-abortion, the question is who makes the decision: a woman or her physician, or the government.” This is out of date: women seeking abortions no longer check with doctors, but head for the nearest abortion clinic. There they will not be told that their fetuses (a.k.a. babies) will be torn limb from limb before extraction, but may be told that that the “tissue” will be used for medical research to help cure human diseases. (So far no such cures have resulted.)

Gloria Steinem, aged 82, never had a child, so she would not know what a blessing a child is. In almost all cases where the couple remain married, they will tell you with pride and joy of their child’s progress and achievements. In fact, the foundation of any healthy nation is its marriage and childbirth rate.

Planned Parenthood hosted the event in Columbus, but they are infamous for placing their facilities in our near minority neighborhoods. A quick on-line check of their locations in that city will show their locations.

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