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The article headed “Poll: Most Dislike Healthcare Proposal” (front page, Urbana Daily Citizen, Mar. 30, 2017) notes that “by wide margins, people disliked … a halt in federal payments to Planned Parenthood.” That is probably because the main media claim that Planned Parenthood offers a range of women’s services, such as mammograms, prenatal ultrasound scans, and referrals to physicians. However, since these are false claims, several states tried to redirect abortion funding to community health centers. But, using Title X, President Obama in his waning days prohibited states from doing that. Planned Parenthood saw that its annual $554 million in taxpayer funding was about to disappear. The U.S. House voted to undo Obama’s Executive Order in February, and the resolution is now on President Trump’s desk.

The latest revelations from the Center for Medical Progress show abortionist DeShawn Taylor explaining that digoxin, a feticide which is injected into the unborn baby’s heart, body, or amniotic sac, keeps her from having to dismember the baby forcefully. She adds, in cases when the abortion fails and the baby is born alive, “The thing is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?” Of course. Infanticide is a crime in this country.

The task at hand is to inform the public what really goes on in an abortion facility. DeShawn Taylor’s admissions may be accessed at

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