Jordan must represent all his constituents


On Presidents’ Day, February 20, 2017 US Representative Jim Jordan met with approximately 200 protesters and supporters outside the Warren G. Harding Home and Memorial in Marion, Ohio. Among the crowd that day were members of ProUD, Progressive Urbana Democrats, an affiliate with the Indivisible movement. We are not paid protesters. We are your concerned neighbors.

Members of the group were able to pose questions to Representative Jordan about current concerns of voters in the Fourth Congressional District and specifically his home county, Champaign County. Our questions focused on the pollution of the environment as a result of the repeal of the stream protection rule, the investigation of President Trump’s campaign and his administration’s connections with Russia, and how people with preexisting conditions will be treated by insurance companies if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. While we appreciate Representative Jordan fielding our questions, his answers did not show an understanding that others might hold views different from his own and that of the House Freedom Caucus.

As our US Representative, we believe that Mr. Jordan needs to represent all of his constituents, not just those on the far right fringe of the Republican Party. Being an effective representative of the people requires one to be an empathetic listener and one who is willing to seek compromises. Over the coming months we look forward to meeting again with Representative Jordan and hope he will really hear what we have to say.

Submitted by Paula Arter of Urbana

On behalf of Members of ProUD Champaign County

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