We will miss Dudley Lee


When one reads an obituary, particularly that of a dear friend or colleague, memories dance through one’s head. I experienced this recently with the death of Dudley Lee.

An obituary could hardly contain all of the wonderful memories of him that his students and contemporaries share. He was an outstanding teacher at Rosewood (Harrison-Adams) School and, in its last year, he served as an amazing Head Administrator and Principal.

He had all the qualities one would wish to have in his administration. Teachers and students alike felt we were about to have a very good day as he greeted us in the mornings. He continued his work in the Graham Schools and serving the state education system as noted in the obituary.

He was a regular participant in the Champaign County Retired Teachers Association, rarely missing a meeting.

He will be missed by all of us who had the privilege of knowing him.

Janet Ebert


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