School should cooperate with neighbor


I am disappointed in the Urbana City School Board’s cooperation with one of their neighbors who has served our country as a veteran and has anxieties from his experience. He did ask in August, ahead of putting up his fence but no one had time to address his problem. He waited until November. His back yard is much lower than the elevated land where the board office sits and to put his privacy fence down on his property would not give him any privacy so he asked if he could make some arrangement to buy or use the higher elevation to put his attractive fence for the privacy he was seeking from all the comings and goings at the board office and students taking a short cut across his property in leaving and coming to school. Yes it is close to the driveway but there are already cement barriers to protect cars from over extending the driveway. He even offered to maintain the strip of grass left behind the fence to keep it tidy. I do not think it very considerate of the school board to not try to be friendly and helpful to their neighbors especially one who has put his life on the line for our freedoms. (from a strong school supporter and resident of the district and retired teacher from Urbana City Schools.)

Sheryl Lee Virts


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